London Is In Danger In Exclusive Slow Horses Season 2 Clip (EXCLUSIVE)

London Is In Danger In Exclusive Slow Horses Season 2 Clip (EXCLUSIVE)
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Get an exclusive look at Slow Horses season 2, episode 5 (“Boardroom Politics”), which will premiere December 23rd on Apple TV+. This Slow Horses clip features River Cartwright (Jack Lowden) in a very perilous situation, to say the least.


But before you watch this exciting and exclusive Slow Horses clip, let’s put a few things back in context… In episode 4 “Cicada“, River was still undercover, pretending to be a travel journalist, and he was even having dinner at the lovely Tropper family’s house. The evening soon turned into an awkward/ potentially life-threatening interrogatory, as River found himself face to face with Leo, a friend of the Troppers (who also happens to be Andrei Chernitsky).


Chernitsky kept on asking River if he knew him from somewhere, which, of course, River denied. The friendly Kelly became suspicious and she confronted Cartwright in the kitchen when dinner was over. River turned down Kelly’s questions and just as everyone was saying goodbye to Chernitsky, Cartwright ran outside the house to follow him.

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He called Roddy to tell him that he put his service phone in Andrei’s pocket, and that he must track the phone’s location. River quickly understood that Chernitsky was going to the flying club, where he found him and Nikolai Katinsky in a hangar.


At this point, River was holding them at gunpoint, as the two men seemed to be making something that dangerously looked like a bomb. Meanwhile, Alex (Kelly’s mom), arrived behind the agent, shocked to see him with a gun. River told her that the two men are former KGB agents and that her husband, Duncan, is a Russian sleeper agent. Alex claimed that they were only making a surprise for Duncan’s 60th birthday, while slowly getting closer to River, before knocking him out with a taser.

Slow Horses Season 2 Exclusive Clip

This takes us straight to our exclusive look at River Cartwright in upcoming episode 5. The agent is lying on the floor, his hands tied in his back. He is still at the flying club, and he just overheard Katinsky and Alex’s conversation.


‘’You’re gonna fly a bomb into the city, is that what you’re doing?’’ says Cartwright. He continues:

There’s a march, hundreds of thousands of people will die.’’

‘’If they do, it’s because you failed to stop us.’’ answers Katinsky. He also claims that these people who are marching aren’t the target, on the contrary, they’re his ‘‘brothers and sisters in the fight against capitalism’’.


Katinsky seems to think that they all share and stand for the same values. The real objective is something they will actually march against: The Glass House is the target and Katinsky is about “ to break it”.

The final two episodes of Slow Horses Season 2 will premiere on December 23rd and December 30th.

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