Small Patch, Big Disappointment as Fans Criticise Latest Starfield Patch

Fans express disappointment at Bethesda's drip-fed updates, as DLSS support is yet to arrive.

Small Patch, Big Disappointment as Fans Criticise Latest Starfield Patch


  • Bethesda releases third update for Starfield, fixes a buggy quest.
  • FOV can be adjusted using a slider for first-person and third-person views.
  • PC players using Intel Arc GPUs also gain improvements.
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Starfield has received a new patch update, and with it Bethesda has given players the ability to change FOV. Apart from that, the patch also improves the stability and performance of the game. The patch update has version 1.7.36 and is now the third update the game has received so far. DLSS support on PC was promised by Bethesda a while ago but has yet to arrive.


Starfield reportedly hit 10 million players over the first week after a global launch, but now, after a month’s passing since the game’s launch, the game has lost most of the initial buzz. Hit with review bombings as well as some genuine graphical issues in the game, the title has come down in ratings quite quickly.

Bethesda’s Update For Starfield Includes These Fixes and Improvements

Fans feel Starfield updates look more like weekly Hotfixes
Fans feel Starfield updates look more like weekly Hotfixes

Bethesda recently released an update to the game with fixes and improvements and the only highlight of the update was that players will now see sliders available to adjust their Field of View (FOV).


The FOV settings can be updated for both first-person and third-person perspectives, as seen in the post linked above. The FOV slider comes with the following message:

Adjusting this beyond the default setting may cause performance or visual issues.

The update has also fixed a bug in one of the game’s quests, Echoes of the Past, wherein, spoiler alert, creatures could pick a location and prevent players from progressing. The other update is for PC players only, bringing improved stability for gamers using Intel Arc GPUs.


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While these are significant, fans haven’t missed the opportunity to express their disappointment, as many feel these updates should have arrived at launch, and the wait for DLSS support hasn’t arrived yet.

Fans Disappointed At Starfield’s Miniature Updates

The much-awaited DLSS support for PC players is yet to arrive in Starfield
The much-awaited DLSS support for PC players is yet to arrive in Starfield

Updates for major titles are always welcomed by gamers as they fix bugs and improve the overall experience which is quite essential for smooth gameplay. However, when updates arrive in tiny drops and don’t include the features fans expect, they tend to get frustrated.


Bethesda’s third update for Starfield isn’t as significant as expected, and fans have taken to sarcasm to call out Starfield‘s updates. Over on Reddit, fans are saying things like:

Are they drip-feeding small patches before some gigantic patch or something?

I mean, it’s not like I don’t appreciate patches, but the patch notes look like something that I could expect from weekly hotfixes. – Smaisteri

Imagining a whole floor of devs working on one slider for a couple of weeks 😀

“Great slider Mike, but look at the Slider I made” – Creative-Improvement 

It’s okay everyone, I’m almost done with the game, so that’s probably when they’ll put in a massive quality of life update. – cited

Apart from DLSS support for PC players, another quality-of-life update expected is the eat button for food, and at the moment, it’s unclear when these updates will finally arrive in the game. A set of fans have also chimed in with their thoughts in support of Bethesda.

Probably yeah. The changes so far have been minor which could be changed by changing the .ini files. I’m sure there will be a “mega” patch that adds DLSS, HDR, UI changes – basically the stuff that requires some actual dev work. – aayu08

Typically in software development you do small incremental changes so if any defects arise you can pinpoint exactly which change has caused it. Large patches are typically frowned upon because you can have a ripple effect of unintended consequences. – mistabuda

Starfield was off to a flying start when the game was released globally, with fans and critics alike quite eager to get their hands on the long-awaited game. However, as players and reviewers went past the first look at the game, by the time the game was completed, the average score started to shift between a 7/10 and a 6/10. One of our own reviewers also handed the game a 6/10 score.


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On SteamDB, the overall rating stands at 70.23% at the time of writing, with 71,512 users rating the game positively and 29,382 rating it negatively. While this is not a bad score, Starfield‘s score has gone below the previously low-rated game by Bethesda, Fallout 76, which continues to be disliked by the gaming community.

Starfield is still quite an interesting game and requires around 150 hours for completionists to explore every nook and cranny and all the hidden details as well. Once the DLSS support arrives, there will be visual improvements as well.


Are you enjoying your time playing Starfield or are you waiting for the DLSS support to start your adventure? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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