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Smallville Star Kyle Gallner Demands James Gunn Cast Him Instead of Stephen Amell in DCU Green Arrow Movie

Smallville Star Kyle Gallner Demands James Gunn Cast Him Instead of Stephen Amell in DCU Green Arrow Movie

With the superhero genre growing more and more than ever before, it’s obvious that the superhero genre giant, DC Universe, is looking to expand its books. Enter Kyle Gallner. The actor has previously worked in the superhero genre as Bart Allen aka Impulse in Smallville, a Superman prequel series.

Green Arrow
Green Arrow

With the announcement of DCU’s new slate being just around the corner, James Gunn has stated that there are hundreds of roles to cast. This was enough reason for Kyle Gallner to try and get one of those hundred roles for himself, even if it is a long shot. Taking to Twitter, the actor put his talents in public, asking to be cast as Green Arrow in the DCU.

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Kyle Gallner “Auditions” For Green Arrow

Kyle Gallner
Kyle Gallner

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Be it an old actor or a completely fresh face, James Gunn is ready to hire anyone in the DCU if they can perfectly fit the role. Almost as if it was an invitation to put your point forward, Kyle Gallner had to take his chance. Replying to Gunn’s tweet, Gallner posted an unofficial audition for the role of Green Arrow in the DCU.

In his attempt to persuade the DC boss, Gallner uploaded a video showing off his archery skills which are quite necessary to play Green Arrow. Apart from that, he made his case stronger by stating that he can grow a “stache,” cook chili and that he already wears a lot of green. He even stated how flexible he is to work with and that he’s ready to dye his hair and hit the gym for the role.

Gallner sure made a strong case for himself. The question is, whether his archery skills and flexibility are enough to impress the boss. And if it does, will the audience never see Stephen Amell reprise the role? Will they be okay with it? Only Gunn has the answers!

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Would Stephen Amell Return as Green Arrow?

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

So while Gallner is absolutely ready to take over the role of Green Arrow, we cannot possibly forget the contribution of Amell to the character. Amell played Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen in the 2012 show, Arrow, which went on for eight seasons. Needless to say, fans love him as the bow and-arrow-wielding supe.

Now, Amell talked to Geek House Show about coming to the DCU. According to him, if he does come to the DCU it would be only and only as Green Arrow and there will be some conditions. He’s willing to put the green suit on again if he gets to do the things he couldn’t on television.

If I’m gonna be a part of the [DC Universe], I’d probably just want to play the Green Arrow in there. IF i had to pick one, I’d pick my own movie, only because there’s so many things that selfishly I would wlike to do with Arrow that we couldn’t necessarily do on TV.”

A Green Arrow movie is not completely a far reach. Gunn himself had stated that the Emerald Archer is one of his favorite heroes as he used to dress up as him all the time as a kid. The superhero was also name-dropped in the Gunn-directed Peacemaker. So maybe, the DCU could potentially have a spot for Oliver Queen in their slate. Will it be Gallner or Amell who bags the role or someone completely different? Only time will tell!

You can stream Arrow on Netflix.

Source: Twitter | Kyle Gallner

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