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“Do what I do. Absolutely f—king nothing”: Alan Rickman Gave Sagely Advice to Jason Isaacs During the Quidditch Scene in Harry Potter When He Was Absolutely Confused

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The Alan Rickman-embodied role of Professor Severus Snape is one such character in mainstream media history who remains forever classic, unforgettable, and ever-so-iconic. Primarily introduced as an antagonistic presence in the Harry Potter franchise, the layers of complexity imbued within Snape were magnificent to witness, especially when they unfolded most intricately. A dynamic, consistent, and intriguing character through and through.

The legendary Alan Rickman
The legendary Alan Rickman

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While good writing is one essential component of why Snape remains a beloved and revered occupant in the minds of many Harry Potter fans, Rickman’s profound talent embellished the endeavor furthermore. In real life though, the late actor proved to be a complete contrast to the role he is typically renowned for. Regarded as a funny, generous man, the star was always sincerely appreciated by his co-actors.

After his unfortunate passing in 2016, many talents from the largely acclaimed series reminisced the times they shared with Rickman. Recently, Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy, recalled a hilarious behind-the-scene story from the set of Harry Potter that revealed the true, lighthearted nature of the dearest legend.

Jason Isaacs And How He Remembers Alan Rickman

Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs

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As recounted by Isaacs, Alan Rickman was a “passionately committed” man who would constantly strive to “make things better.” The 59-year-old actor further emphasized that whatever he was able to achieve with Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films – Rickman was the one, at least partly, responsible for it. Interestingly enough, The Patriot alum commented on how he had almost refused to take the role. He believed that having to be “sinister” in a film that featured Rickman’s antagonistic brilliance seemed bleak.

At the end of the day, what Jason Isaacs did to avoid people drawing comparisons to what seemed to him an astounding depiction beyond his leagues, he came up with a design for his character, which featured him adorning “long, blond hair” and “a pinched, high voice.”

The Incredible Quidditch Experience

Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape
Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape

According to the Peter Pan actor, his meeting with Alan Rickman on the first day of filming completely derailed the “intimidation” he initially felt towards him. This is not a surprising statement to make. Many talents within the Hollywood industry have attested to how shy they felt around the Die Hard star. Some even felt hesitant to approach him, which stood a stark difference from the demeanor he was highly regarded for in real life.

What served to break the barrier between Jason Isaacs and Alan Rickman was a sequence that required the two to watch and react to a Quidditch game. Now the process proved quite puzzling and confusing to witness as the entire scene was prop-based. The quaffle was nothing but a tennis ball on a stick that was waved around. While the props man directed the sequence, Jason Isaacs was utterly baffled, not quite knowing what to do.

The game of Quidditch

As most people would, the actor immediately turned to Rickman to seek his sage advice. To his surprise, the response he received was quite chucklesome. As Isaacs asked the Snape actor what to do in such a situation, Rickman replied, “No idea. Do what I do. Absolutely f—cking nothing.”

This moment had a humorous, yet profound impact on Isaacs, who was surprised to see how generously accessible and effortlessly funny Alan Rickman was. Following is what he had to say about it:

“Who knew! The man behind the most distinctive and contemptuous drawl in theatrical history was actually completely accessible, anarchically funny, utterly in the moment on and off screen…”

Alan Rickman's hilarious response to Jason Isaacs
Alan Rickman was an enigmatic presence

To end it off on a reminiscent, grateful note, Isaacs remarked that sharing the screen with the Sense and Sensibility alum continues to be one of the “highlights” of his acting career. Alan Rickman, who has always been upheld for his diverse, passionate, yet humble and grounded nature, will forever be admired for his breathtaking contribution to not only the Harry Potter franchise as Severus Snape but to the film industry as a whole.

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Source: The Guardian

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