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“Snyder Gave us Superman: Destroyer of Civilians”: Zack Snyder’s Controversial Decision From Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Sends DCEU Fans into Frenzy

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The birth of the DCEU with the release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel remains one of the greatest superhero debuts in history. Henry Cavill’s performance as Clark Kent has been praised by fans (although critics have a neutral stance), and the movie is no short of a spectacle to watch on the big screens in theaters.

One of the most impressive features of the movie is its action sequences, which culminated in a fight between General Zod and Superman as it had all the epic scenes that would make Man of Steel a worthwhile watch, even twice! But a section of DC fans have been fairly critical of all the destruction caused by that fight, painting a bad image for Snyder among them.

Zack Snyder FandomWire
Snyder on set

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Zack Snyder’s ‘Destructive’ Choices Criticized By Fans

As by tradition, a fight scene, at least in superhero movies eventually ends up in the victory of the protagonist and follows a period of harmony and peace.

But one important point that attributes the superhero as being truly successful in defeating the enemy is when they do so by keeping damage to the environment as well as the loss of life to a minimum.

Zack Snyder FandomWire
Zod and Superman fight it out in Man of Steel

As for all that have seen Man of Steel, Zack Snyder didn’t really go for that kind of fight. Instead, the ending sequence/battle between General Zod and Superman was filled with destruction galore to the point that even Michael Bay would be ashamed.

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Fans on Twitter aren’t particularly fond of Snyder’s choice to direct a fighting scene where people are killed left to right and everything is being broken down by the sheer impact of power by both Kryptonians-

That’s not a bad name if DC ever makes him a villain-

For the people? –

A fan of chaos-


It’s been more than years, and the movie still bangs-

Superheroes are meant to be saving the world, not aid in the killing of its people. While the destruction in Metropolis has certainly painted Zack Snyder’s Superman as a destructive and careless superhero it doesn’t mean that redemption is out of the question!

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Zack Snyder Was Disallowed Use Of Iconic Superman Score

Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe has no shortage of problems. Its recent merger, canceling and binning of TV shows & anticipated movies, actors like Ezra Miller painting a negative image of WB with their actions, and so on have done nothing but give a bad name to the company and the franchise.

Zack Snyder FandomWire
Snyder at an event

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One of the most recent disappointing decisions taken by the company, however, comes from them simply disallowing Man of Steel director Zack Snyder from using the iconic score for the character that composer John Williams arranged for Superman(1978)

This fresh piece of information comes from the Twitter account of storyboard artist Jay Olivia, who is known for having worked with Snyder on Man of Steel.

Olivia revealed the information when replying to a fan’s tweet which accused Snyder of making Man of Steel in a way that hates what Superman stands for-

Without disrespecting Hans Zimmer’s excellent work in composing a brilliant arrangement for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the original score for one of the OG Superman movies by John Williams is still evergreen.

Source: Twitter

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