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‘Snyder’s ultimate cinematography is gonna prove a lot of people wrong’: Rebel Moon’s Incredible Visuals Has Internet Convinced it Could Beat James Cameron’s Avatar 2

Rebel Moon's Incredible Visuals Has Internet Convinced it Could Beat James Cameron's Avatar 2

Netflix is on a roll. Whether it be Guillermo del Toro or Zack Snyder, the streaming platform keeps coming out on top. The former’s Pinocchio and Cabinet of Curiosities are already a treasure trove while Snyder’s upcoming movie, Rebel Moon, will be decidedly breaking barriers when it reaches the audience. A rare sneak into the cinematography of the project has already set hearts and minds racing with possibilities and nostalgia. People have amassed at the gates to finally bow down to the maestro and his space epic.

Rebel Moon – Snyder's sci-fi debut
Rebel Moon (2023)

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Zack Snyder Finds Inspiration at Netflix With Rebel Moon

Recreated in the image of the first and the original epic sci-fi intergalactic space-faring adventure, i.e. Star Wars, the latest film by Zack Snyder is an original screenplay penned by the director with Kurt Johnstad and Shay Hatten, both of whom have worked with Snyder earlier on 300 and Army of the Dead respectively.

The film follows a peaceful colony at the edge of the galaxy facing an impending threat from the tyrannical empire of Regent Balisarius. A young, resourceful woman, Kora, is dispatched to the neighboring planets to bring together a group of unlikely warriors to fight for the survival of the colony, as a last stand.

Rebel Moon – still from the film
A still from the Rebel Moon

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Rebel Moon was initially pitched to Lucasfilm as a darker, grittier take on their property but was later rejected by Disney when they acquired the company in 2012. Picked up by Netflix after Snyder delivered an impressive success for the streaming giant with his zombie apocalypse film, Rebel Moon is now being presented as a film in two parts, while keeping the door open for bankable spin-offs.

Fans Balk at the Cinematography of Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Epic

Rebel Moon brings out the macabre vision of Zack Snyder
Rebel Moon brings out the macabre vision of Zack Snyder

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Drawing a comparison between his DC project, Man of Steel, and the Netflix sci-fi, Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder has now raised the already-heightened expectations of the masses. While the former explored an established character’s arc through a darker lens, with Rebel Moon, the director dips his toes for the first time in the genre of science fiction. Despite the debut, the one thing that the fans can and should expect the Justice League director to deliver is peak cinematography at an unparalleled scale and breathtaking vision.

The Twitterati and armchair intellectuals who had until now held out hope for the director to make a comeback have just crowned him the king. The now-released scenes from his upcoming film are bold, with brushstrokes inspired by eccentric ingenuity and a maddening play of light and shadow. The unprecedented and fantastical imagery that Zack Snyder paints is now being called one equal to or even surpassing James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water, in terms of cinematography.

Currently, the ensuing debate has crucified the Watchmen director for attempting to act as the cinematographer of his film and instead demanded that Larry Fong take over the reins for Rebel Moon. The discrediting of Snyder was criticized vehemently by Fong himself, who has worked with Snyder as the director of photography for four of his films.

Rebel Moon is currently simmering at the earliest stages of post-production. With a holiday season release, the film has time to be done with the finishing touches. Even then, the early look at the film’s cinematic shots and epic ambition is stunning enough to render one speechless at the possible outcome.

Rebel Moon is slated to launch on Netflix on December 22, 2023.

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