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Why SnyderVerse Will Never Die No Matter How Much Bitter Half of the Internet Asks For It

Despite the strong performance of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, critically and financially, there has been no future production announced with the Man of Steel director. After the release of the Snyder Cut, fans were very much excited to see more of the Snyderverse, but now it doesn’t seem likely.

Zack Snyder reportedly worked on his cut of the Justice League for free.

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At the DC panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, DC Chief Creative Officer-Publisher Jim Lee finally cleared the air on the ambiguous status of the Snyderverse. He confirmed that the director’s role in the DCEU has officially ended, stating:

“I think the Snyder Cut was Zack’s vision realized, and it was a really satisfying story told, but there’s no plans for additional work on that material.”

Snyderverse characters would still live on

Despite the departure of Zack Snyder being confirmed, it’s still possible for the characters to live in the DCEU. Some rumors and the insistence of Dwayne Johnson to see Henry Cavill’s Superman in his Black Adam film hints at more involvement of Superman in the future.

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Despite Ben Affleck leaving the cape and cowl for health reasons and Ray Fisher dropping off after being mistreated on the set of Justice League, the DCEU still has many important core members left, including some interesting replacements.

Black Adam
Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson have the same agent, furthering the possibility of a cameo.

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Since Michael Keaton’s Batman is confirmed to return in the Flash movie and Robert Pattinson’s Batman also being successful theatrically, both the caped crusaders can easily replace Ben Affleck thanks to the multiverse theory confirmed in Zack Snyder’s Justice League as well as the Flash.

What about the plot?

Good news for Snyderverse fans here too, as many of Zack Snyder’s plans for Superman and Batman might still be in place. Zack Snyder wanted to continue developing Superman through many features, and rumors suggest Warner Bros. Discovery wants to do the same.

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Michael Keaton is expected to carry on the Batman name after Ben Affleck’s departure.

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With Batgirl announced, starring Michael Keaton from the Burtonverse and J.K. Simmons’ Jim Gordon from the Snyderverse, the studio definitely intends to continue with many of Snyder’s plans, although in a different form, melding properties together for interesting viewing.

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