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‘So pretty I might faint’: Fans Call Brie Larson a ‘Tattooed Goddess’ after She Debuts Insane Tattoos for Vin Diesel’s Fast X

'So pretty I might faint': Fans Call Brie Larson a 'Tattooed Goddess' after She Debuts Insane Tattoos for Vin Diesel's Fast X

Fast X is getting more furious than ever. With actors like Brie Larson and Jason Momoa joining the cast, the film has just gotten increasingly appealing to the audiences. As the franchise soars to an all-time peak right now, high-profile actors have become a ubiquitous thing to note around the sets. The stories and the heists will be bigger and better and of course, the cast would then need to look the part. Recently, a few actors other than the franchise regulars have opened up about the profile of their characters and it seems as though Fast X is really bringing its all to the table.

Fast X (2023)
Fast X (2023)

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Brie Larson Shows Off Her Tattooed Look For Fast X

Ever since Brie Larson came off of her Marvel success, the world was more than just a trifle benefitted by the goddess that rose in the aftermath. With her signature rock-hard abs, the actress at once became a marvel in her own right. She later claimed that her fitness journey not only significantly helped her get stronger but also transformed her life. Now, with fans all over the world falling head over heels in awe of her, Larson went one step beyond to finally push their obsession over the edge by flaunting her temporary tattoos.

Brie Larson joined the cast of Fast X in April of 2022 mere weeks after she showed interest in working for the Fast & Furious franchise. The Vin Diesel-helmed family welcomes her character, Tess, in a role that is as of yet undisclosed in its entirety, even though theories proposed by the internet sleuths suggest she might be Brian O’Conner’s (played by the late Paul Walker) sister.

Fast X Brings Action-Packed Family Drama to the Narrative

Vin Diesel-led FF franchise hurtles toward an epic close
The Vin Diesel-led FF franchise hurtles toward an epic close

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The tenth installment in the franchise, aptly named Fast X, is about to serve up the best closure to a series that has kept us company through every high and low since the beginning of the century. The expansive family and their journey had then taken up most of the past two decades with the Toretto gang becoming as much as an extended fraternity unifying fans all across the globe.

However, with the franchise inching ever closer toward its final saga, the world looks on with unfaltering attention as new villains and long-lost families clash paths with our indomitable heroes. The tenth installment, which is the penultimate film in the series, brings in Jason Momoa as the main antagonist and the writers did not pull their punch while delivering the character up to the franchise.

Brie Larson in Fast X
Brie Larson in Fast X

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Momoa, as far as his character is known to the audience, levels up the game by bringing in a sadistic villain unlike any other that the franchise has encountered before. Alongside the Aquaman actor and Brie Larson, new additions to the cast include Alan Ritchson (Reacher), Rita Moreno (West Side Story), and Daniela Melchior (The Suicide Squad).

Fast X premieres in theatres on 19 May 2023.

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