Solo Leveling is Digging its Own Grave by Removing 1 Key Aspect of the Original Series that Attracted Fans

Solo Leveling Anime Removes a Key Element From The Series That Will Have A Grave Impact.

Solo Leveling is Digging its Own Grave by Removing 1 Key Aspect of the Original Series that Attracted Fans


  • The popular manhwa Solo Leveling has found broad appreciation in its anime adaptation.
  • However, the phenomenally successful anime series has made a few tiny changes between the anime and manhwa, and fans aren't sure if they're all for the better.
  • Several manga fans have pointed out that the Solo Leveling anime has left out a number of hilarious segments that were very necessary.
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The anime adaptation of the well-known manhwa, Solo Leveling, has gained widespread acceptance because of its captivating storyline and breathtaking visual content. However, the wildly successful anime series has made a couple of minor modifications that exist between the anime and manhwa, and fans aren’t sure if they’ve all been for the better. 

solo leveling
Solo Leveling

Despite the fact that A-1 Pictures has faithfully captured the story in its entirety, some fans see an abrupt shift in tone from Chugong’s original manhwa. Fans like how the manhwa strikes a balance between humor and violence, providing amusing reactions and comedic relief. However, this does not appear to be the case with the anime series. 

Several manga readers have pointed out that the Solo Leveling anime has cut out a number of humorous portions that were critically important to the manhwa. While this has not yet affected the series, it will surely become a huge problem in the future as it may reduce the variety in Solo Leveling.


Solo Leveling Anime Removes The Humor Aspect From The Story

With just seven episodes, Solo Leveling has further established its status as a breakthrough anime, largely due to its intriguing concept and striking graphical representations. Even though A-1 Pictures’ anime version of the story does the story justice, the tone isn’t exactly the same as Chugong’s manhwa. 

There are several worries about the series, and one of the factors that must be considered is its use of comedy. Fans enjoy the manhwa’s ability to balance humor with violence, as it provides amusing reactions and comic relief that the anime series hasn’t yet managed to achieve.

Solo Leveling Episode 2
Solo Leveling

Naturally, a lot of individuals have found this course of action to be a contentious matter As a result, there’s an increasing concern that the series may be in imminent danger due to its lack of comedy. Removing such a big aspect from the series can surely cause a lot of trouble for the series in the coming future.


Solo Leveling Anime’s Decision Can Affect The Series in the Future

Solo Leveling develops in a world filled with Dungeons and extremely dangerous creatures, with certain humans acquiring powers and becoming Hunters of the appropriate level. Divergent perceptions have been expressed over the series’ future since some fans have noticed that the Solo Leveling anime has been dropping the manhwa humor.

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling

The humor portrayed in the manhwa is an important characteristic of Chugong’s original work. Some fans worry that the plot may become predictable due to a lack of variation in tone caused by the absence of comedy. This will affect the future of the anime series in a big way as it will be stereotyped as any other typical anime.

A further significant issue is how the Shadows will be portrayed, especially because the comic parts of the Shadows in the manhwa were an effective method to give them individuality. The Shadows may lose a great deal of their punch as distinct individuals if they are not presented correctly and they are some of the most important elements of the story.


You can watch Solo Leveling on Crunchyroll.


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