“Some days I would sit shaking”: Filming Moon Knight With Oscar Isaac Was ‘Terrifying’ For Mohamed Diab

The director of the series Moon Knight, Mohamed Diab was terrified working with Oscar Isaac despite convincing him to take the role

Filming Moon Knight With Oscar Isaac Was ‘Terrifying’ For Mohamed Diab


  • Oscar Isaac did an excellent job portraying the character of Moon Knight and Marc Spectre, a man with DID
  • His portrayal of the character was so excellent, with seamlessly switching between his two personalities, that it was loved by the fans
  • The director of the series, Mohamedd Diab was terrified of the actor initially
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Moon Knight is the series that showcased the exceptional talent of Oscar Isaac as an actor and Mohamed Diab as a director. The series is described as weird, fun, and unique, deviating from the typical Marvel Cinematic Universe formula. And it is the standalone feel of the series which has been appreciated by viewers.

Marvel's Moon Knight
Marvel’s Moon Knight

Although Isaac’s performance was widely praised in Moon Knight and rightly so, filmmaker Diab, on the other hand, faced quite some issues while working with the actor. In fact, the Egyptian director has even labeled working with Isaac as ‘terrifying’ at first. 

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Mohamed Diab Faced Issues While Working With Oscar Isaac For Moon Knight

Mohamed Diab with Oscar Isaac
Mohamed Diab with Oscar Isaac

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The Marvel in Arabic team had the chance to meet Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab during their participation in the Saudi Film Forum in Riyadh. It is worth noting that Diab is the first Arab director to ever direct a film from Marvel in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During the event, Diab revealed what it was like to work with actors like Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. He mentioned the fine line between lacking confidence and arrogance, explaining how he felt both scared and confident when directing these two. He said: 


“As a human being, you must have a dividing line between lack of confidence and arrogance. Meaning, some days I would sit shaking because of how to tell Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke right or left! At the same time, you must have [the] confidence to know how to say them. For many hours I know that I am the best person for the project.”

Although Diab admitted that he felt “terrified” in the early days of filming season one of Moon Knight, he also mentioned how well-prepared he was for the project, which helped create such an epic masterpiece. 

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Oscar Isaac Was Initially Hesitant To Do Another Superhero Project

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in a still from Moon Knight (2022)
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in a still from Moon Knight (2022)

Mohamed Diab also discussed Oscar Isaac‘s initial hesitation about doing another superhero project. According to the filmmaker, the Moon Knight portrayer expressed great boredom with the genre at first. As Diab further revealed in the interview:


“The first time he spoke to me, he said to me, ‘I don’t want to do any Superhero films. I’m bored and I’ve done them a lot.'”

However, Isaac had to change his mind after watching Diab’s films.

“But he saw my films and said to me, ‘Mohamed, your films are great. Why are you doing that? Why did he come here?’

Continuing to share how he convinced Isaac that their project was more than just a superhero story, the Amira director said: 

“We sat discussing and I tried to convince him that we were doing something deeper, not just Superhero. Thank God, when We finished and he told me that this is the project he is most proud of in my life, so I felt that it did not disappoint me, thank God, and I did what he dreamed of.” 

Anyways, the best element of Moon Knight is Oscar Isaac’s daring and utterly compelling performance. Thanks to his excellent acting chops coupled with Mohamed Diab‘s convincing storytelling, the series managed to garner positive reviews from fans and critics alike.


You can watch season one of Moon Knight on Disney+.


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