“Some people are blessed”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Envies Harrison Ford for Avoiding His Curse, Claims Steven Spielberg Helped Indiana Jones Star Become Real Actor

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Action heroes were a big thing in the 90s Hollywood, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was among the most prominent. Although many dream of becoming one someday, Hollywood’s long-standing obsession with the action genre proved to be nothing more than a nightmare for him. As an actor, being typecast into a certain type of role is the worst find kind of fate one can experience. Thus, although the actor enjoyed his craft, he wished he also had a guardian angel like Harrison Ford did in the business to protect him from all the evils. According to him, Steven Spielberg had a huge hand in making Harrison Ford one of the leading men in Hollywood.

The actor has expressed his feelings against his co-star Ford time and again, in a chat with the Los Angeles Times, the actor revealed why he was envious of the Indiana Jones star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was sick of starring in action movies

Let’s face it, Hollywood today is hardly a model of ‘fairness’, let alone several years back from now. From the debate surrounding nepotism, to industry favors, everyone has their own theory as to what all is wrong with the world with all the glitz and glamor. Arnold Schwarzenegger for the better part of his life has been known for being the quintessential action hero, from his performances in the Terminator franchise to his most recent Netflix gig FUBAR, the actor has continuously proven his chops in the action genre.

He truly dominated the scene once, but with time it got a little bit much to handle for him. People loved him in action movies so much, that it was all he was getting offered at one point in time, to such an extent that it got monotonous. Schwarzenegger once told Buzzfeed,

“Everyone gave me the same type of a script. Action, heroic, kick-a** — one script would be 78 kills and the other would be maybe 54 kills, but it was all the same kind of thing. It was often ripping off the shirt and showing the muscles to make sure that they understand that yeah, I am the real true action hero,”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the action star

Typecasting was a lot more prevalent back in the day than now. Therefore a whole lot more difficult to get out. Although these films were extremely popular among the audience and in turn helped him launch his career as a megastar, it also wore him down leaving him longing for some opportunities that would help him explore his craft once in a while.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was jealous of Harrison Ford

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite a successful actor, he is still envious of the success that Harrison Ford has garnered. According to the actor, his fellow actor, Ford who was once also trapped in the same box as him, got out of it in no time thanks to Steven Speilberg. Although it took Schwarzenegger years to figure out how to break the curse, Ford did in no time. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the Comando actor revealed,

“Some people are blessed,–Harrison Ford was doing great action movies but was never promoted as an action star because the director [Steven Spielberg] was the star…So, Harrison Ford was celebrated as an action guy but never typecast as an action guy.”

Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger

According to him, the industry had given Ford enough chances to play around and explore, courtesy of the director whereas, Schwarzenegger felt more and more stagnant and claustrophobic as time passed. Nobody came to his rescue, resulting in him lamenting the fact to this day. Even though there is no bad blood between the actors, the Terminator actor only used his fellow star to showcase how unfair Hollywood sometimes can be. But he’s an actor who is used to making his own path since his teenage, thus Schwarzenegger is still a force to be reckoned with. His latest work FUBAR is now available to stream on Netflix.

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Source: LA Times 

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