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‘Some people call you the DC Destructor’: Fans Implore Dwayne Johnson To Stop After Red One BTS Set Video Hints It’s Just Another ‘Fast & Furious’ Ripoff

Fans Implore Dwayne Johnson To Stop After Red One BTS Set Video Hints It's Just Another 'Fast & Furious' Ripoff

Dwayne Johnson’s latest project includes a Christmas movie that is currently in the process of filming at the oddly placed time of New Year’s. Whether the actor plans to sleigh in his merry holiday fun a little early this year is a mystery. But the fans do know that his incredible work(out) ethic has somewhat rubbed off on one of his co-stars and as a result, J.K. Simmons has gotten unbelievably ripped for his role as Santa – a “bad**s” one at that, if the images are to be believed.

However, under all the fake snow and the mysterious behind-the-scenes pictures, fans have targeted the one subject that has managed to become a victim of mass disappointment despite his best efforts to deliver, i.e. The Rock himself.

The Rock with J.K. Simmons
The Rock with J.K. Simmons

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Dwayne Johnson’s Holiday Film Stirs the Pot For DCU Fans

The plot of Red One is being kept under an airtight wrap. But that hasn’t made the film any less of a subject of discussion and debate. The cast has already been revealed and so are the producers who have invested. The script was the brainchild of Hiram Garcia – producer of Hobbs & Shaw, Red Notice, and Black Adam. And the set is a who’s who of Hollywood, including Chris Evans in the lead alongside Dwayne Johnson, J.K. Simmons, Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Nick Kroll, and Kristofer Hivju.

After the actor posted a behind-the-scenes clip from the set of his film, people are somewhat convinced that Red One, too, is headed for the gallows, just like his recent projects.


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Despite the promising start, a good action-packed script, the potential of a cheerful holiday film, and the talented cast, the fans haven’t been able to look past one major shortcoming. All eyes are on The Rock now as he becomes the nominee of a new name – the DC Destructor.

The Rock’s Latest Film Becomes the Subject of Fan Criticism

The Rock and Chris Evans on Red One set
The Rock and Chris Evans on Red One set

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The sets of the film Red One at first glance look somewhat empty but upon further inspection, it is a well-constructed hangar-like structure that houses (among other things) a sleigh that also transforms into the cockpit of a fighter jet when the camera pans to the side.

The plot of the film, if any collaboration of Hiram Garcia and Dwayne Johnson is inspected, is a big-budget action-thriller film, and this one is no less. But all the hype and the soft launch on The Rock’s part has only fueled the mass rage that has been on an all-time high ever since his attempts of using Black Adam to establish a coup within the DCU by bringing back Henry Cavill backfired horribly in his face.

Dwayne Johnson on the Red One sets
Dwayne Johnson on the Red One set

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Now fans are calling him out every chance they find with one person commenting, “Some people call you the destructor of the DC… ohhh!!!” while others pointing out that it looks somewhat similar to Hobbs & Shaw and that “It looks like the basis of the movie Pacific Rim 1 and 2.” Not that anyone is objecting to a good out-of-the-box holiday fun film in the coming months, especially since, after the rollercoaster disaster of 2022, the people need a bit of respite.

But despite everything that The Rock attempted to secure for his audience, the legacy that he left behind with Black Adam was a poorly executed strategic move that ended in a dark and forgettable cul-de-sac, not to mention the humiliating two-month stay of Henry Cavill.

Black Adam is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Instagram | Dwayne Johnson

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