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“Some will be brand new faces”: James Gunn Hints He’s Bringing in All New Characters, All New Stars for DCU to Compete With MCU

"Some will be brand new faces": James Gunn Hints He's Bringing in All New Characters, All New Stars for DCU to Compete With MCU

Filmmaker James Gunn is a busy man. While working on building the DC Universe, he is also busy with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Everyone knows by now the conundrum the new DC bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran, are in at the moment. With rumors on top of rumors, their run as the heads of the company hasn’t been a smooth ride.

Director James Gunn
Director James Gunn

Speculations about what’s going on at the DC Studios have been arising back to back. There were even talks about the arrival of some familiar faces to the DCU, thanks to James Gunn’s statement. His statement wasn’t received well by the audience who hopes to see some new, fresh faces in the superhero universe. Now, the director has stated his opinion on the whole “to cast or not to cast” debate.

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James Gunn Talks About Casting Fresh Faces

guardians of the galaxy
Some Cast Members of Guardians of the Galaxy

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The superhero universe sure is vast. While sometimes the vastness results in fans getting to see some new actors come to the spotlight, other times well-known actors take up the challenge. There might also be a time when one actor fits more than one superhero role, perfectly. Sure it might be a bit confusing to see them play two superheroes but James Gunn is all for it.

Gunn found himself on the receiving end of criticism (again) when he talked about the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 stating that he will be working with them again, “individually.” Gunn also added “probably at my other job” at the end of his statement. This just didn’t sit right with some fans as they want Gunn and Peter Safran to promote new talent.

As Gunn is someone who always keeps his point forward, he replied to a user on Twitter who asked him to cast fresh actors instead of “swimming in the same muddy pond.” Gunn made it very clear in his reply that while there will be known faces in the universe, fans will also get to see some brand-new actors.

As Gunn stated in his tweet, he has always cast new actors to bring characters to life on screen. This means that fans should probably brace themselves as they will definitely be getting a pool of new actors to admire. New actors mean new characters and we just cannot wait to see what the future of the DCU looks like and who these new faces will be!

However, Gunn did admit that while there is a plethora of people to choose from, the role will only go to actors who are deserving of it. So, in order for someone to be DCU’s new addition, they have to fit the role perfectly and be easy to work with! Do you have someone in mind?

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Is the Slate Still Being Announced in January?

James Gunn
James Gunn

Back in December, Gunn stated that he would be able to share “exciting information” about the new slate at the beginning of the new year. He then confirmed that a few projects will be announced in January. However, January is almost about to end and the nervousness and excitement of fans just keep increasing with the dates especially since the slate has projects worth eight to ten years!

Fans have asked Gunn, time and again on Twitter, if he was still announcing the slate this month, reminding him that January is almost over. The Suicide Squad director has asserted that some of the DCU’s future will in fact be announced in January. We just don’t know when. Given that there is just a little over a week before we step into February, the wait is almost over.

Gunn’s last MCU film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be released in theatres on May 05, 2023.

Source: Twitter | James Gunn


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