Sonic Superstars will Run at 60FPS on the Switch

Sonic Superstars will run at 60FPS on the Switch
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With Sonic Superstars being released in the middle of next month, Sonic Superstars development producer and character designer Naoto Oshima took the time to tell the world that Sonic Superstars will run at 60 FPS even on the Nintendo Switch.


The first Sonic game was released in 1991 on the Sega Genesis. It was released to compete with Nintendo’s Mario. It later became a pivotal part of Sega’s rise to success and is now released on a multitude of platforms.

Sonic Superstars Is Nostalgic

Sonic Superstars
Here is a action shot from the next instalment of sonic, Sonic Superstars.

Sonic Superstars is another nostalgic nod to its previous installments, the super-fast ring-collecting hedgehog needs fast reactions, which is fitting that Naoto Oshima should tell us that the latest Sonic game will be running at 60 FPS even on the the Nintendo Switch, which isn’t quite as powerful as the next-gen consoles. Oshima said the following:


“Oshima: Thanks to everyone who has supported Sonic, I am once again able to be involved in development. [Sonic Superstars] will be released on all kinds of platforms, so please try it out, and you will be able to play at a smooth 60 FPS, even on Nintendo Switch. I hope old fans will be nostalgic for the characters, and newcomers will be able to experience Sonic’s speed.”

It is safe to say that we will get the best out of the Sonic franchise with this new release.

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There are fans out there suggesting that this may not be 100 percent true; they are waiting to see how multiplayer will hold up to this statement from Naoto Oshima, and collectively, they are speculating that the game will not hold 60 FPS while playing online with 7 other players.


Frame rates in video games have been a massive topic of late, with the likes of Starfield struggling to hit 60 FPS. The case has been made that you will occasionally hit 60 FPS if you turn the resolution down. Starfield couldn’t manage it on more powerful hardware. Sonic Superstars is a different type of game to Starfield entirely, and graphically they’re opposite ends of the spectrum for sure, but, holding out for 60FPS could be a big ask.

How do you feel about the upcoming edition of the Sonic franchise? let us know in the comments.

Source: NintendoLife


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