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Sonic The Hedgehog Director Talks Tails And Sequel

Sonic the Hedgehog
No obstacles in Sonic the Hedgehog's path now

Fans of the iconic video game character, Sonic, were excited to see teases of some of his renowned friends in the Sonic movie. In fact, SPOILER ALERT: the post-credits scene made fans extremely happy by revealing his furry mate “Tails”, hinting a sequel for the movie.


Second Time’s the charm

When Sonic the Hedgehog‘s trailer was released, fans panned the character’s design. So the makers delayed the film’s release to give a complete makeover to the character. The overhauled “Sonic” hit theaters in February this year.

Sonic The Hedgehog Director Talks Tails & Sequel
The character’s design was changed because of the negativity

Sonic the Hedgehog is currently the most financially successful video game movie with a worldwide collection of $306 million. Sonic made it on to few film success stories of 2020 before everything shut down due to the coronavirus.

Paramount released the film on digital 46 days after its release, for people to enjoy the blue blur’s adventures from their homes.

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Director on Tails and Sequel

Jeff Fowler, the movie’s director, claims that there currently are no talks on a sequel just yet, but did say that he is willing to have another shot with these characters and to tell more stories.

Jeff Fowler about a Sonic sequel - YouTube
Jeff Fowler directed the Sonic movie

“There are so many more great characters to bring in and just more stories to tell,” teases the director while talking with USA Today. Moreover, he calls the “Sonic” saga a remarkable journey.

Sonic has many friends including Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Shadow. Tails, original voice, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, even voiced the character’s brief appearance in the Sonic movie, teasing a sequel for the film.

Sonic Movie Planned Tails Post-Credits Scene Before CGI Changes
Tails from the Sonic Movie

Fowler said this about that Tails’ appearance, says, “We had to do that little fan Easter egg with Tails and say, ‘We know you love these characters. We will absolutely get to them in future stories if we’re able to.’ “

Start from Scrap

Dr. Robotnik vs. Eggman: why fans debate Sonic the Hedgehog's ...
Dr Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog

The first film only dealt with Sonic facing off his nemesis, Dr Robotnik, with Jim Carrey portraying the character in the movie. Fowler said that they first had to get Sonic and Robotnik right and build from there.

Judging by the film’s success – its no doubt that we’ll get a sequel somepoint down the line.


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