Sony Acquires Yet Another Game Studio, Announces New Division Focused On Mobile Games

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In gaming news, Sony today announced they’ve bought yet another gaming studio, this time Savage Game Studios. Earlier this year they announced they’d bought Bungie Studios in a $3.6billion deal, but it’s expected the deal for Savage Game Studios is to be considerably less.


Whereas Bungie will continue their work on Destiny 2, and presumably other live-service games that’ll be exclusive to Playstation. Savage Game Studios on the other hand was bought to bolster their efforts in the mobile sector.

Sony Mobile Games Division

Sony is making the move to mobile

Along with the announcement of their new purchase, Sony took the opportunity to marry it with another announcement regarding their efforts to gain a bigger piece of the mobile gaming pie. Sony has created its own Mobile Games Division, with the intent of it to operate completely separately from the divisions handling their PC and console efforts.


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It’s not particularly a surprise, considering mobile gaming represents the majority of the revenue from video games these days, that the gaming giant would want to get involved on a huge scale.


This new division is an obvious move, with Sony’s recent announcements that “it wants half of its games to be on PC and mobile by 2025” in a move that should see “a significant growth in the number of people who play our games” according to Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan.

With Sony attempting to make their biggest IPs into multimedia enterprises, with the likes of their Uncharted series getting a recent adaptation starring Tom Holland, and their recent open-world zombie game Days Gone now in development for the screen, it strikes a picture of maximum exposure for the company, especially when you factor in their push for the previously console exclusive games now appearing on PC.

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Savage Game Studios


The co-founders of the studio aren’t without their industry merit, having previously worked at mobile giant Zynga, Marvel’s Spider-Man’s creators Insomniac Games, and Wargaming. Surprisingly, the studio hasn’t yet developed any mobile games, so this recent acquisition should be a huge sign of confidence in the studio from Sony.

The studio received funding to the tune of $4.4 million last year, for their upcoming ‘AAA first-person shooter’. Whether the recent purchase by Sony will change developmental priorities for the studio is yet to be seen, but it more than likely won’t be too long before we see the Savage Game Studios’ first foray into the mobile market appearing on our app stores.



Whilst it isn’t quite as big as the Bungie acquisition, it’s a big statement of intent from Sony. But will you be playing any of the mobile games Sony will be developing under their new division?

Source: The Verge


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