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“It better be a Cobra Kai movie”: Sony Confirms New Karate Kid Movie Releasing in 2024, Reveals it’s the Return of the Original Franchise

Sony Confirms New Karate Kid Movie Releasing in 2024

The Karate Kid franchise is returning to theatres. Sony’s Columbia Pictures has scheduled a June 7, 2024 release date for a Karate Kid film. There are no filmmakers or other details available, although it is described as a “return to the original Karate Kid franchise.”

The Original Karate Kid
The Original Karate Kid

The series premiered in 1984 and was followed by three sequels and a 2010 revival starring Jaden Smith. Cobra Kai, a Netflix original series starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka among newer performers, has given the franchise fresh life and the show not only features many of the same actors and characters reprising their previous roles, but the most recent fifth season ended on a cliffhanger that could hint at a new feature. Sony Pictures Television is in charge of its production.

What do fans expect from the new Karate Kid movie?

Fans were disappointed that the remake of Karate Kid did not follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. The Karate Kid should be a film about a young boy who learns karate. However, The Karate Kid, about a youngster who does kung-fu rather than karate, serves as a slap in the face reminder that this is major brand misuse in every aspect.

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid (2010)
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid (2010)

Despite this, both fans and critics praised the picture. However, the developers of Cobra Kai declared later in 2021 that the film was not canon to its reality.

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Fans are unsure which reality they will be witnessing because the universe has been changing, with the producers referring to the ongoing universe as the “Miyagi-verse.” Many people have believed that the film will see Jaden Smith return to the franchise, something they are not thrilled about.

The New Karate Kid movie will return to the Original franchise

While Netflix has had the show Cobra Kai for five seasons, this will be the first time The Karate Kid has been in theatres since the 2010 revival starring Jayden Smith. While we don’t know much about the new Karate Kid picture, Sony’s statement that it will be a return to the original Karate Kid hints that it will diverge from the original films, the first of which debuted in 1984.

Even after all these years, the film’s main characters, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) are still getting into an absurd number of karate fights on Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai‘s character has a lot of depth and nuance, allowing the spectator to sympathize with them. In an interview, William Zabka quipped that the show has no end because of how the universe has grown.

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William Zabka in Cobra Kai
William Zabka in Cobra Kai

“Everything’s pointing to a place on the map for sure. It’s a matter of how many we’re gonna get to do that, but there’s definitely an endgame. We’re gonna end the series, and then I think we’re gonna do a trilogy of films.”

After its reboot as Cobra Kai in 2018, The Karate Kid franchise has developed into a large world since its debut installment in 1984. The saga had two additional installments, with Ralph Macchio reprising his part as Daniel LaRusso and Pat Morita reprising hers, with the stakes rising with each sequel.

Unlike other Netflix shows with limited seasons which are projected to last only one or two seasons, there is no specific amount of seasons planned for Cobra Kai.

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