“He should be litigated by Sony…”: With Ghost of Tsushima Following Helldivers 2, Some Aren’t Happy With 1 Suggestion by Mutahar, the Voice of a Generation

Sending a prayer out to every studio associated with Sony currently.

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  • The PC port of Ghost of Tsushima faces criticism due to regional restrictions similar to Helldivers 2.
  • Sucker Punch's game, primarily a single-player experience, also includes a multiplayer mode requiring a PSN ID, which may have caused the restrictions.
  • Content creator Mutahar's controversial suggestion of piracy as a solution receives widespread backlash, sparking debate within the gaming community.
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Ghost of Tsushima is next in line after the new Helldivers game to have a ton of criticism poured on it thanks to Sony’s decisions. After Arrowhead’s latest title was restricted for purchase only in countries that have PSN access, it seems Tsushima‘s PC port has followed the same pattern, and people aren’t happy.


Out of all the statements that have been thrown around, one that seems to be the most controversial of them all comes from popular content creator Mutahar, who put forward one statement that people can’t seem to get behind.

Ghost of Tsushima Is Delisted in Over 170 Countries

A lot of aspiring Ghost of Tsushima players on PC may not be able to play
A lot of aspiring Ghost of Tsushima players on PC may not be able to play.

For the most part, the Helldivers drama was over after PlayStation’s parent company went back on its decision to force Steam players to create and link a PSN ID to their accounts. However, not everything’s back to normal.


During the controversy, the game was delisted on Steam in every country that didn’t have PSN service, and it’s not been relisted ever since. And unfortunately, it’s the same situation for Ghost of Tsushima fans.

While Sucker Punch’s game is primarily offline single-player, the game has a cooperative multiplayer mode called Legends. You need a PSN ID to play the game, so it being delisted from Steam was only natural after the same happened to Helldivers.

Unfortunately, there’s been no news of when either of the games will be available across the globe with no restrictions. With Tsushima‘s release happening in just a few days, it’s not looking great for either Sucker Punch or aspiring players as many rush to get the game refunded.


A Content Creator’s Controversial Response to the Delisting Issue

One YouTube's response has people divided
One YouTuber’s response has people divided.

A lot of people have contributed their takes to the situation as it unfolded. When the official SteamDB X/Twitter account relayed that Tsushima was hit with the same regional restrictions as the new Helldivers game, content creator Mutahar had a ‘solution‘ to share with the masses.

Piracy has always been a controversial topic in the gaming community, with people on either side of the argument feeling very passionate about it.


Under the creator’s tweet, many responses seemed to agree, sarcastically stating that “piracy is bad.

His tweet was seen by people outside of the platform too, and IconEra especially did not seem to agree with him.

One comment says he “should be litigated by Sony,” while another asks that single-player games never be ported to PCs.


Calling the statement “absolutely disgusting,” one user claimed that his tweet was an indictment of the “PC players aren’t thieves” narrative being false. They also expressed that PC players would make up any excuse to steal a company’s product and ask PlayStation’s parent company to move on from the platform.

Very few voices in the thread seemed to agree with the creator, as an overwhelming majority felt negativity toward his statement.

What do you think about Mutahar’s tweet? Let us know in the comments below.


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