“Sony just love throwing money”: Uncharted 2 Update Has Even Tom Holland Fans Calling a Blanket Ban

Sony's call of remaking Uncharted 2 has reminded fans what a miserable experience the OG movie was

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  • Sony has announced a sleuth of projects, including a sequel to the 2022 film, Uncharted.
  • Fans have begun to question why Sony is going to make a sequel to a movie no one is interested in.
  • The helmers would be wise to learn from the mistakes they made while filling the original.
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Sony has come out with its master plan for the next few years, giving fans an insight into what they can expect from the studio in the times to come. And the announcement has evoked mixed feelings from fans. While there are some that have evoked fans’ interest, there are several that the people hope would never materialise. Tom Holland’s Uncharted 2 falls in the latter category. It’s clear as day from the response received after the plan to make a sequel to the video game adaptation was made official.


Why Sony might have picked the wrong franchise to carry forward

Uncharted Tom Holland
Uncharted was not the success many expected it to be l Author: Sony Pictures Entertainment Credits: YouTube

When Sony announced that it was officially coming out with Uncharted 2, there were similar reactions. Not many were interested in seeing another version of the story based on the record breaking video game seriesUncharted, which hit the theatres in 2022, didn’t receive the attention many expected it to. Inspite of all the efforts, it gave meagre results.

The film didn’t fare as well as many would have expected it to. A dismal score of 40% on Rotten Tomatoes sums up how the film failed to strike a chord with the critics. And though it might have fared well at the Box Office, fans were largely unsatisfied with the project for it failed to replicate just what they loved about the games.


After Uncharted’s colossal failure, the sequel finds itself in the doldrums

Tom Holland
The Tom Holland starrer has its task cut out l Author: Gage Skidmore Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ranging from Nathan Drake’s origin tale, to lousy story developing in certain sequences, many things went wrong for the flick. And they all made telling contributions to the film’s reception by fans.

And the last thing they want to witness is a sequel to that.

With Sony declaring their intentions of foraying into this line once more, fans were clear about one thing – they wanted to see none of it.


Fans come out in unison against Uncharted 2 

Uncharted Tom Holland
Fans don’t want to see anymore of the movie l Author: Sony Pictures Entertainment Credits: YouTube

Uncharted 2’s announcement was not at all how Sony would have expected. Fans took to X in large numbers, showing their displeasure.

While many would be wondering whether there is still time to shelve the project, that doesn’t seem very likely to happen.

It would be rather uncanny if Sony cancelled a project so soon after its announcement. But they can always learn. If only they learnt to give the fans what they want.


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