Sony PlayStation Celebrates HUGE Hardware Milestone Leaving Microsoft and Xbox in the Wind

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Since back in 1994 when the PlayStation 1 was released in Japan, no one would have thought that this legendary console would still be getting new versions released throughout the years after nearly three decades of life. Now after numerous consoles, handheld devices, and countless accessories  many gamers have been wondering wondering when it might end, but after nearly 30 years, Sony has officially sold over 600 Million PlayStation consoles to date.


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How Many Units Did Each Console Sell, and How Has It Changed Sony?

Sony PlayStation celebrates a major milestone as it sells over 600 million consoles.
Sony PlayStation celebrates a major milestone as it sells over 600 million consoles.

Over the years, there have been seven mainline PlayStation consoles that players have been able to buy throughout the years. They have been providing years of fun for many who bought them, especially back when they were new. As with any smart company, once new consoles released it wouldn’t take long for Sony to begin planning their next one, which would again take the world by storm.


Below is a list of the seven different PlayStation consoles that have been released since 1994 and their respective units sold to this day. Keep in mind these will not be exact figures as they are constantly changing significantly for consoles like the PlayStation 5, which is still being continually sold.

  • PS1 – 102.5 Million 
  • PS2 – 158.7 Million 
  • PSP – 80.8 Million 
  • PS3 – 87.4 Million 
  • PS Vita – 15.8 Million
  • PS4 – 117.2 Million 
  • PS5 – 40 Million

So far, there have only been 600 Million units sold throughout the past 30 years between all seven consoles, but as Sony continues to develop its technology and release new versions, it will slowly sell more and more. This will most definitely be the case once the PlayStation 5 Slim releases in the coming months, as many gamers will be wanting to get their hands on it. The slim will provide the option for easier storage, lighter system, and potentially more advanced hardware. 

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How Will Sony’s Sales Affect Microsoft and Xbox?

As always, when it comes to console gaming users have to wonder what the response will be from competitors like Microsoft after PlayStation crosses such a big milestone.
As always, when it comes to console gaming users wonder what the response will be from competitors like Microsoft, after PlayStation has crossed such a big milestone.

Throughout the years, there has been an ongoing battle between Microsoft and Sony, as they have continued battling through the console wars to see who can come out on top. This isn’t necessarily an official fight between the two companies, but it has always been known that the two have had some form of rivalry between them over the years.

When we look at the units sold for the PlayStation consoles, we can see that Sony has hit well over 600 Million since 1994. But once we look at Xbox consoles that have been in development since 2001, and only released four separate consoles over the years, the numbers are quite different. In fact, the Microsoft’s Xbox has just barely hit the 200 Million mark.

Even though it may not be as many sales as Sony, it is still a significant achievement as they are slowly catching up. Eventually it could be the PlayStation fans who have cause for concern if the Xbox continues to grow rapidly. Given the fact that Microsoft plans to expand quickly and acquire as many major video game studios as possibly, the chances are high for a comeback. 


What do you think about PlayStation hitting this significant milestone in its journey over the years? Have you contributed to these numbers, or are you an Xbox fan? Let us know in the comments!

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