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“Sony Really Has No Idea What They Are Doing”: Dakota Johnson’s Spider-Man Spinoff Madame Web Is Expected to Be a Failed Experiment


Madame Web is an upcoming action movie film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film has an expected release date of 16th February 2024. Very little information is known about Madame Web, the newest installment in the Spider-Man Universe.

Dakota Johnson, the star of the 2024 movie of Sony’s Spider-Universe had an interview with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, where she said that the shooting for Madame Web has been wrapped and she talked about her experience of playing the role of a superhero in a Spider-Man spin-off film.

Madame Web
Madame Web in Marvel Comics

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Dakota Johnson Highlights Her Experience With Sony Pictures

During her interview with Variety, Madame Web star Dakota Johnson did not reveal anything about the plot of the movie nor about her role in the upcoming film. However, she revealed that the shooting for Madame Web has been wrapped up, and principal photography has been completed.

Dakota Johnson on Sundance Film Festival 2023
Dakota Johnson on Sundance Film Festival 2023

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Dakota Johnson talked about her experience playing the role of a superhero character and revealed that she had a “wild experience” working with Sony Pictures for the Spider-Universe. She also added that this was one of the different kinds of roles that she played in 2022. Here’s what Dakota Johnson said in the interview with Variety:

“It was a wild experience. It was something that I…I don’t think you can be prepped to go into anything like that, but I learned so much. It’s a completely different way of making films. And then, I went into making one of my company’s own tiny, tiny little movies right after, so I got a real taste of different kinds of cinema last year.”

Why Madame Web is Expected to be a Disappointment

The Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web is expected to be a disappointing film because the film has been written by Matt Smith, who is also the writer for Morbius, and despite the film casting popular actresses to be a part of the film is not the reason this movie would fail.

Madame Web and Spider-Man in a Marvel Comic
Madame Web and Spider-Man in a Marvel Comic

The real reason Madame Web would disappoint the fans is that there is no following of the comic book character, and none of the MCU fans or the avid Marvel comic book followers asked for a movie on the comic book character. Their disappointment can be seen in the following tweets:

Some fans are furious because Matt Smith was the writer of the film.

While some fans were frustrated for having a film for a character that has no fan following

Some fans were displeased because of the cast, who have not read any comic books, and questioned Sony’s decision-making ability.

While some fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the film through straightforward statements, some fans became creative and expressed their views through memes.

While some expressed their disinterest through sarcasm, calling the film as “Peak Cinema.”

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The response has been mostly negative, as the fans were furious for creating films for characters who have little to no fan following. However, there are several fan theories looming around the internet that Andrew Garfield will appear at the end of the film and that Madame Web will be the founding stone for a possible live-action Spiderverse film.

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