Sony Rumored to Have Halted Production on ‘Black and Silver’

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For many fans and industry watchers, the film rights to some of Marvel Comic’s various characters can appear more tangled than one of Spider-Man’s webs. Marvel Studios may

hold most of the rights to their most popular characters, with the X-Men and Fantastic Four waiting in the wings for Fox’s buyout by Disney to go through, the state of play for the Spider-Man family of characters also appears to be subject to change. Despite Sony reaching a deal to share custody of Spider-Man with Marvel Studios, they’ve also gone full steam on plans to make films based around Spidey supporting characters while also not technically being a part of the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though there now appears to be a breakdown in Sony’s film plans. That Hashtag Show is reporting that Sony Pictures is “indefinitely” suspending production on its gal-pal based Spider-Man spinoff film, ‘Silver & Black’. The film was set to focus on Spider-Man supporting characters Black Cat and Silver Sable, with production beginning next week in Atlanta. But that is no longer the case. This news is coming in on reports that Sony is looking to shed its film division, per the oversite of their new boss, Kenichiro Yoshida.

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Whether production is being stalled because they’re trying to see how ‘Venom’ does later this year or that Sony is, in fact, trying to get rid of its film division is anyone’s guess. This could mean that Marvel Studios’ shared custody of Spider-Man with Sony might end with Disney buying up the rights, resulting in Marvel regaining full access to Spidey and all of his associated characters.

‘Silver and Black’ was scheduled to hit theaters on February 8, 2019, with Gina Prince-Bythewood attached as director. With the lack of casting and the other usual news buildup that accompanies the film production cycle, it’s not entirely surprising that there was more trouble to this production than initially thought.

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