Sony, Warner Bros and Universal Go Head to Head For Michael B Jordan’s $90 Million Worth Movie With Black Panther’s Director

Major studios Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal vie for Michael B. Jordan's $90 million mystery vampire film, helmed by Ryan Coogler.

Sony, Warner Bros and Universal Go Head to Head For Michael B Jordan's $90 Million Worth Movie With Black Panther's Director


  • Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan's vampire film sparks a bidding war among Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal Studios.
  • The $90 million budget and Coogler's script, coupled with a commitment to theatrical release, signify a potential industry-shifting masterpiece.
  • Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan's latest project stands out as their first original idea, promising a unique cinematic experience.
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In a grand showdown of Hollywood juggernauts, Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal are poised for an intense battle, vying for the rights to produce the eagerly awaited $90 million enigmatic vampire film featuring the charismatic Michael B. Jordan. The project, cloaked in secrecy, has sparked widespread anticipation, with the celebrated director Ryan Coogler steering the cinematic ship.

Michael B. Jordan in Creed III
Michael B. Jordan in Creed III

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The Film By Ryan Coogler And Michael B. Jordan Sparks Intense Industry Interest

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are causing a stir in the film industry with their latest project, a vampire movie that has everyone talking. This dynamic duo, known for their work on Black Panther, has Hollywood buzzing excitedly.


The latest scoop, courtesy of Deadline, reveals that the battle for the vampire-themed film has narrowed down to three heavyweight studios: Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal. With production slated for this summer, the competition is heating up, and the $90 million budget adds to the anticipation.

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan
Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan

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Deadline spills the beans on Coogler’s script, describing it as a period-genre film designed as a star vehicle for the 36-year-old. Having collaborated on previous hits like Fruitvale Station and the Creed and Black Panther franchises, the duo’s track record justifies the hefty price tag for worldwide rights.


Talks are also underway regarding potential co-ownership of the intellectual property and potential projects for Coogler’s Proximity Media.

In a departure from the streaming trend, the filmmakers are steadfast in their commitment to a global theatrical release. It sets them apart from streaming giants like Netflix.

The auction for this high-profile project is expected to conclude soon, with traditional studios taking the forefront in the bidding war.


As demand intensifies, the film promises to challenge industry norms, combining creativity, star power, and supernatural allure into what anticipates becoming a cinematic masterpiece. With Coogler and Jordan at the helm, this vampire movie might just be their most exciting venture yet. 

Ryan Coogler And Michael B. Jordan’s Latest Film Is Their Most Thrilling Endeavor Yet

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan
Hollywood stars Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan

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In their latest project, Coogler and Jordan are diving into something really exciting. The indie film is where their collaboration started, and now it’s grown into a major movie franchise.


They’ve teamed up for four movies in nine years, and the next one is confirmed. They’re keeping the project details under wraps as they pitch it to studios. We don’t know when the film will drop, but the ongoing partnership between these Hollywood heavyweights is generating a lot of buzz.

While it might not surpass their hits like Creed or Black Panther, what makes this one stand out is that it’s the first time Coogler and Jordan are bringing their original idea to the screen.

Coogler’s inspiration for the film is a big deal, breaking away from their previous adaptations. Even though we don’t know the exact genre, the tease around it being a different kind of movie adds another layer of excitement.


There’s talk about it being a vampire film, but whatever it is, it’s clear that Coogler and Jordan are aiming for something unique. As the film sparks a bidding war among traditional studios, it’s gearing up to deliver an experience that goes beyond the usual expectations. It makes it a must-watch for moviegoers.


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