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Sony’s Kraven Movie: Casting 10 Perfect Actors & The Characters They Could Play

Sonys Kraven Movie Casting 10 Perfect Actors The Characters They Could Play

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to star as the infamous Spider-Man villain in his first solo movie. Who else should be a part of the project and what characters should they be playing.

Gregor – Idris Elba

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Gregor is probably the oldest ally at Kraven’s disposal. He has been a part of the Kravinoff family since a long time. You could say Kraven’s relationship with Gregor is the same as Batman and Alfred’s relationship. A veteran fighter who has fought Ka-Zar of Savage Land, Gregor acted as a father figure to both Kraven and his deranged mutant son Alyosha Kravinoff. Idris Elba could foray into another version of the Marvel Universe (since Heimdall is dead) by playing Gregor in the Kraven movie.

Alyosha Kravinoff – Dev Patel

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For Kraven, Alyosha is his greatest shame and embarrassment. During his many adventures across the globe, Kraven came across a woman who felt strangely attracted to. The between the two led to the birth of a child named Alyosha. The woman who bore Karven’s child was a mutant so Alyosha was born with the X-Gene in his veins. Kraven was so shamed of his act that he hid the child in the hearts of Africa where he could never be found. Alyosha would later go insane because of his father’s inability to kill Spider-Man. In more ways than one, Alyosha is the true heir to the mantle of Kraven. His mutant abilities give him superhuman physical attributes of strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina. His five senses are also superhuman in nature. Dev Patel carries with him a level of exoticness and charm that one needs to play Alyosha on screen. He is a celebrated actor and would be our top pick for the role.

Chameleon – Ralph Fiennes

kraven movie 1

In the Marvel comic Book Universe, Chameleon is a villainous spy and mercenary. His skills with disguises is legendary. Capable of impersonating any person on Earth, Chameleon is the bane of many national entities with deep, dark secrets to protect. Ralph Fiennes, a veteran actor best known for his role as Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies could do the role justice.

Aleksandra Nikolaevna – Melanie Laurent

kraven movie 5

The hot blooded daughter of a wealthy Russian aristocrat family, Aleksandra Nikolaevna later becomes the wife of Sergei Kravinoff. There is a high probability the Earth-616 timeline would form the basis for the Karven movie. Sergei calls the love of his life Sasha. Aleksandra ‘Sasha’ Kravinoff is one of Kraven’s staunchest allies. Melanie Laurent, who has played the role of a stone cold killer/hot-blooded maniac in 6 Underground will be our pick for the character.

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Calypso – Gugu Mbatha Raw

kraven movie 6

Sergei Kravinoff was but a man. He only became the infamous Kraven the Hunter after meeting Calypso. A Voodoo priestess with mystical connections to the macabre and arcane, Calypso has been a foe to both Spider-Man and Daredevil in the comic books. It was the herbal potion she concocted that gave Kraven his super powers. Gugu Mbatha Raw of Jupiter Ascending and Beyond The Lights fame, looks the part and would nail the character perfectly.

Doctorangutan – Andy Serkis

kraven movie 7

He is indeed a beast hunter. Kraven likes hunting big game. The tougher and smarter they are, the better the pleasure of the hunt. Docorangutan may sound like a joke but never judge a book by its cover. Once a Nazi scientist whose inventions led to the Nazi’s Luftwaffe gaining air superiority all over Europe, Doctorangutan is now mercenary for hire. His genetically advanced mutations give him a genius level intellect. And his simian physiology gives him superhuman strength and mobility. Andy Serkis, who has played the role of Caeser in Planet Of The Apes, is our choice for this underrated villain.

Tigra – Eliza Dushku

kraven movie 2

Greer Grant was once just a normal human. Hoping to reach peak human physical conditions, she started training vigorously. Years later, Grant developed a disease that was incurable. In a bid to save her, her mentor Doctor Tumolo, bonded her body with one of the Cat People. The mystic ritual along with the special biochemical treatments her body received earlier turned Grant into Tigra. Her feline biology and training gives her many enhanced abilities like razor sharp claws and superhuman senses. Eliza Dushku, who played Faith in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, could play Tigra. Tigra and Kraven have fought a number of times in the comic books.

Grim Hunter – Tyler Posey

kraven movie 8

Grim Hunter’s real name is Vladimir Kravinoff. In the comic books, he is the son of Sergei Kravinoff. Having been neglected all his life by his father, Vladimir grew under the tutelage of Gregor, Kraven’s mentor. Vladimir and Kraven would soon meet, with the latter being very impressed with his son’s development as a warrior and hunter. A while later, Vladimir would ingest the same serum his father drank to give him superhuman physical attributes. He takes up the name Grim Hunter, a fabled Russian monster, and teams up with Kraven. Tyler Posey could play Grim Hunter. Considering one of Kraven’s powers is superhuman longevity, the age bracket should not be an issue.

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Kaine – Tobey Maguire

kraven movie 9

Kaine Parker is one of the first clones Doctor Miles Warren aka the Jackal created. During his period of obsession with Spider-Man, the Jackal stole Spider-Man’s DNA and altered its genetic make up to create Kaine. Because of his altered genome, Kaine is actually stronger, faster, and more agile than Spider-Man. He is also more ruthless. Kraven and Kaine shared a long-standing rivalry in the comics. Since the guy is a clone of Peter Parker, who would be better than Tobey Maguire, the original Spider-Man from the Sam Raimi trilogy.

Spider-Woman – Daisy Ridley

kraven movie 10

Kraven has been an agent of SHIELD, having had the opportunity to work under nick Fury. He was even part of Fury’s Howling Commandoes during World War Two. So there is a connection to SHIELD the movie could theoretically explore. Another popular agent of SHIELD yet to make her official movie debut is Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. A renowned espionage expert, Drew is a force to be reckoned with. Daisy Ridley fits the part perfectly.

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