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Sorry For Your Loss: Unnecessarily Brutal Movie Character Deaths Creators Later Apologized For

Death in the movies is nothing new. Brutal deaths in movies is not unheard of either. But these characters didn’t deserve to go like that. Even the Studios said sorry.

The Green Mile – Del Fries To Death While On The Chair For 4 Minutes

The death row inmates in the Green Mile were not all bad. Some of them were innocent and framed. Some of them had mental issues. Del had none of those problems. He was indeed a bad person. But that does not justify way he died at the hands of Percy Wetmore. Wetmore, an entitled brat, does not put the wet sponge over his head like in every other execution. What follows next is Del frying to death while being conscious the whole time. People could see his flesh tearing off and smell his bones burning. Wetmore even tells Del there is no “Mouseville”. Like the intense physical pain was not enough!!

Deathly Hallows: Fred Wesley’s Death Was Uncalled For

The moment itself is a blink and you miss it kind of instance. There is an explosion outside the Room of Requirements. Seconds later we see everyone hugging a dead body. The corpse is that of Fred Wesley. The death was so abrupt and unnecessary even J.K. Rowling asked for the fans’ forgiveness in a latter interview.

Saw 3: Detective Kerry’s Death Made No Sense As To Jigsaw’s Purpose

Detective Allison Kerry is one of the only truly good people in the Saw franchise. Everyone meets a bloody death in the Saw movies. But Jigsaw only targets those who had wronged others in some way. When Kerry was put into the Jigsaw test, the game itself was rigged. There was no way out no matter how much she tried since the key that unlocked her torso cage was tampered with. Even today, fans ask why was Allison killed so unjustly.

Halloween: Resurrection: Laurie Strode is Tricked By Myers After She Eluded Him For 24 Years

Halloween: Resurrection is perhaps the weakest entry to the iconic horror movie franchise. Laurie Strode, a woman who has eluded the greatest horror movie villain in movie history, is tricked into coming near Myers when she is seconds away from sending the guy to the afterlife. Strode is impaled by a knife and dies pointlessly. The creators tried undoing the damage in the latter entries.

Firefly: Wash Is Impaled While His Wife Watches

Alan Tudyk’s Wash is one of the most beloved characters in the Firefly franchise. When the series returned as a movie with the show’s original cast, Tudyk returned as Wash as well. But a crash landing led to Wash being impaled by the Reavers. That death took everyone by surprise. The actual reason Whedon let go of the character was that there were talks for potential sequels. Tudyk had scheduling conflicts so Whedon needed to make it look authentic as to why Wash couldn’t make it to the sequels. Thankfully the Firefly sequel never happened.

2012 – Gordon Didn’t Deserve To Die Like That & You Know It

Gordon is John Cusack’s ex-wife’s new husband. He was financially stable, emotionally supportive, and kind. John Cusack on the other hand was an A-Hole. In the movie’s climax, Gordon slips into some massive churning gears and literally crushed to death. The rest of the family not only survives but also quickly forgets about Gordon’s sacrifice. Not one person is seen mourning his loss. The actor even said he sent a formal letter of protest to the studio for the way Gordon died.

X-Men: The Last Stand: Fans Didn’t Like Professor X Being Vaporized

The X-Men movies are notorious for coming up with some truly dark twists and turns. The original trilogy was the one where it all started. Professor X visits a deranged Jean Grey and tries negotiating with her. Jean doesn’t listen, and ends up killing Charles. The death comes at a huge price for the franchise. The subsequent movies tried to undo the death by creating prequel movies. In the end, not even splitting the timeline could give the character some closure.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation: Johnny Cage (Played By A Different Actor) Is Killed Off 5 Minutes Into The Movie

Linden Ashby, who played Cage in the first movie, was not happy with the script for the sequel. So he wiggled out of the franchise. The actor who was cast in his place saw his character die 5 minutes into the movie. None of us have been able to get over his death.

Jurassic World: Zara The Nanny Gets Tossed Around Between Multiple Dinosaurs Before Being Swallowed Whole

Zara is presented as a snobby b*tch who deserved that death. But boy no one deserves THAT death. A couple of Pteranodons grab her and what ensues is the world’s deadliest game of catch in the skies. Zara then falls into the Mosasaurus tank. The Pteranodons try getting her back but the big guy’s like “ENOUGH!!” and swallows the dinosaur as well as Zara whole.