“Sorry, this isn’t The Twilight set”: George Clooney, Who Nearly Killed Batman Franchise for Good, Mocked Anna Kendrick for Starring in $3.3B Franchise

"Sorry, this isn’t The Twilight set": George Clooney, Who Nearly Killed Batman Franchise for Good, Mocked Anna Kendrick for Starring in $3.3B Franchise

Anna Kendrick is one of the most talented names in the Hollywood industry known for her knack for comedy. The actress started her career with musical comedy Camp in 2003, but she was noticed for the first time with her role in the box office hit romance drama The Twilight Saga. She also received a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her movie with George Clooney.

Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick

Kendrick was working for The Twilight Saga and George Clooney’s Up in the Air at the same, which often got her teased by the star for a role in Robert Pattinson’s series.

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George Clooney gave a hard time to Anna Kendrick for The Twilight Saga

The actress was associated with The Twilight series for all its parts from 2008 t 2012. Amid this, she was offered a prominent role in George Clooney’s film Up in the Air. During the shoot, the Oscar winner star would often tease her for the role in The Twilight.

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Pitch Perfect star shared on The Ellen Show,

“George gave me such a hard time about shooting Twilight. Whenever I came back, it was like, ‘Oh, sorry, this isn’t The Twilight set. You’re not working with Mr. Handsome.’ He called Rob ‘Mr. Handsome.’”

Anna Kendrick in The Twilight Saga
Anna Kendrick in The Twilight Saga

Soon it became a joke between Robert Pattinson and George Clooney, as they would pull each other’s leg with the help of Anna Kendrick.

A Simple Favor actress recalled,

“So, one of the times I went up to Vancouver, I got Rob, who was on the cover of GQ, to sign a cover of GQ, ‘To George, best of luck, hang in there. Love, Rob.’ And I gave it to George. And George signed his Esquire back to him. ‘Dear Rob, thanks for all the inspiration, I’m a huge fan. Love, George. Two-time sexiest man alive.’”

The movie Up in the Air tells the story of a corporate downsizer played by Clooney, and his young co-worker, Anna Kendrick.

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Anna Kendrick did not like her role in The Twilight Saga

The Accountant actress played a supporting role in The Twilight series. She played the character of Jessica Stanley, a high school classmate of Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella Swan. But the actress was not too fond of her character and thought she was stupid. Hence, one time she decided to improvise an out-of-character dialogue for herself.  

Anna Kendrick said in an interview with AV Club,

“Jessica in Twilight is an idiot, but some of the dialogue they give me is clever. One of the things I improvised in New Moon was about zombie films being self-referential; a girl like that wouldn’t say things like that, but it makes sense because it’s more interesting.”

Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga
Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga

Interestingly, the producers enjoyed her out-of-character speech and expected her to repeat it in the sequels. She said in an interview with Cinemablend,

“After we finished filming this scene, the producers were like ‘Oh, I thought you were going to do that thing you do’ because in New Moon, I’m like rambling as we’re exiting a movie theater and I end up going on this tangent about zombie movies and stuff that wasn’t scripted.”

“They kept it all in and then they gave me this speech and they were like, I thought you were just going to do whatever with it, but I thought that because it was like a speech that I should just stick to the script.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s series The Twilight Saga was a massive success and gained a cult following.

The Twilight Saga is available on Apple TV.

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