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Soul: 15 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Soul 15 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Pixar has provided their global viewers, young and old alike, with some of the best-animated films ever created. Throughout the past 25 years, they have delivered hits like the Toy Story series, Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, and many more. Pixar has always been famous among fans who like to take their experience to a new level by leaving out easter eggs and point-outs to other popular movies and characters. Likewise, their 2020 movie ‘Soul‘ was no exception. Significantly, the Hall of Everything scene contained multiple point-outs to Pixar movies. Following tradition, the creators hid quite a few references to their earlier movies in plain sight.

‘Soul’ is about a middle school music teacher Joe Gardner who plays Jazz music. He is a good musician, but his music lacks life. He finally gets his first big break. However, an accident leaves him stranded as a soul in the Great Before. To return to his earthly body, Joe has to guide 22, an ancient soul to her true passion so that she can be born anew. Finally, he realizes what it means to have a soul.

Disney officially released the movie on Blu-Ray and other digital media. As a celebratory giveaway, they provided a list of easter eggs for the audience to detect. Below, we will be taking a look at those easter eggs.

1. The Streetcar from Coco

RenderMan's Visuals for Coco – fxguide
Red Streetcar in Coco

The red streetcars from Coco were the main modes of transportation for the dead. Pixar used the red streetcars from real-world Mexico, where funeral cars are popular in Dia de Muertos celebrations.

15 Easter Eggs In Pixar's Soul
The same Streetcar in Soul

In the background of the Hall of Everything, a red streetcar from Coco appears and fades out.

2. Archery Targets from Brave

Akumuhoshi — disneyinc: “I am Merida. First born descendant...
Merida Shooting Targets

One of the most memorable scenes from ‘Brave‘ is Merida’s skilled display of archery skills. The coiled straw archery targets with cloth covers pointed to real-life medieval tournament descriptions.

15 Super Hidden Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In "Soul"
Archery Targets in ‘Soul’

The training film in the You Seminar shows souls practicing archery on targets from ‘Brave’.

3. Sid’s Graffiti from Toy Story

You Have to Read This Heartwarming Toy Story Theory - E! Online
Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips was perhaps the only character in the Toy Story series who found out that the toys were alive. He was Andy’s neighbor and the main antagonist in the first film.

Sid's Graffiti on the Post-Box in 'Soul'
Sid’s Graffiti on the Post-Box

There is a scene where Joe walks talking on the phone. Beside him on the sidewalk, a post-box bears Sid’s graffiti.

4. Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story

Chronicles of the Pizza Planet Truck | Oh My Disney
The Toys Drive the Pizza Planet Truck

Andy and his toys, especially Woody, Buzz, and Rex, regularly visited the Pizza Planet Restaurant. The space theme of the restaurant is quite catchy.

Where to find Pizza Planet truck in 'Soul' and other Pixar movies
Pizza Planet Truck in the Hall of Everything

A Pizza Planet Truck appears parked in the bottom left of the Hall of Everything scene.

5. Axiom from Wall-E

Axiom | Pooh's Adventures Wiki | Fandom
The Starship from Wall-e

Axiom is one of the more popular Starliner space-crafts. Buy-n-Large Corporation built it to evacuate humanity from trash-suffocated earth. Aboard the Axiom, the fans meet Wall-E for the first time.

A Faint Outline of the Axiom in the Hall of Everything in 'Soul'
A Faint Outline of the Axiom in the Hall of Everything in ‘Soul’

An outline of the Axiom appears on the far upper-right of the Hall of Everything scene.

6. Rex from the Toy Story series

Rex | Characters | Toy Story
The T-Rex from Toy Story

Rex is popular among the audience as the ever-palpitated plastic T-Rex toy. He always backs his friends in times of need, despite being scared out of his bones.

Rex falls out of a Packing Box in Soul
Rex falls out of a Packing Box in Soul

In ‘Soul,’ there is a scene where Terry almost entraps Paul. A box falls over, revealing Rex from Toy Story.

7. Willy’s Butte from Cars

willy's butte
The Rocky Outcrop in ‘Cars’

Willy’s Butte was a rocky outcrop amidst the desert, a landmark near Radiator Springs. It holds massive significance in the Cars storyline as Lightning McQueen’s training and home track.

Willy's Butte on the background of Hall of Everything
Willy’s Butte on the background of Hall of Everything in ‘Soul’

An outline of Willy’s Butte appears in the Hall of Everything scene in the middle left of the screen.

8. Luxo the Lamp, Pixar Mascot

Pixar and Luxo Jr.: the Art of Emotional Storytelling - Tribe Magazine
Luxo Jr. and Luxo Sr. on the Pixar poster

Both Luxos appeared in the computer-animated 1986 film Luxo Jr. The movie followed the strangely humane story of two desk lamps. Since then, Luxo has become the famous mascot of Pixar films.

Soul: All Easter Eggs & Secret Pixar References Explained
Luxo Talking to a Soul in the Hall

In the Hall of Everything scene, Luxo appears conversing with some souls of the Great Before.

9. 020386: Pixar’s Birthdate

February 2, 1986

On February 2, 1986, Steve Jobs purchased Lucasfilm’s Animation Division and renamed it Pixar. They started producing computer-animated movies and, just within a decade, received worldwide fame for their creations.

15 Easter Eggs In Pixar's Soul
Pixar’s Birthday Commemorated in Soul

The parking sign outside The Half-Note Club in ‘Soul,’ where Joe gets his first big break, commemorates Pixar’s birthday.

10. Ferris Wheel from Toy Story 4

Toy Story on Twitter: "Check out these new posters inspired by #ToyStory4!  The toys are back in theaters on June 21. ????: @AdStothard, @RhafaelAseo,  @SG_Posters…"
The Ferris Wheel

The illustrated Ferris Wheel from the ‘Toy Story 4’ poster was a standout artwork among fans. It was featured in the official poster, trailer, and even net-release banners of the movie.

Top 10 things you didn't notice in Soul, the latest Pixar
The Ferris Wheel in ‘Soul’

The Ferris wheel also finds a place in the Hall of Everything scene’s background in ‘Soul’.

11. Princess Dream World from Inside Out

Princess Dream World | Inside Out Wikia | Fandom
Princess Dream World from Inside Out

The Princess Dream World was a castle in Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’. The mind workers from Imagination Land demolished it into glitter.

The Princess Dream World Castle in 'Soul'
The Princess Dream World Castle in the Hall of Everything

The Princess Dream World appears in the Hall of Everything scene’s background in ‘Soul,’ right below the Axiom starship.

12. The Whale from Finding Nemo

Whale | Disney Wiki | Fandom
The Blue Whale from Finding Nemo

Fans still consider the blue whale encounter of Marlin and Dory as one of the best-animated scenes from the entire Pixar universe. The whale helped them by directing them towards Nemo’s possible location, Sydney.

15 Easter Eggs In Pixar's Soul
The Blue Whale in the Hall of Everything

The blue whale fades in and out of the background in the Hall of Everything scene as Joe & 22 enter.

13. Step Pyramid from Coco

Pixar's New Movie Coco Has An Unusual Vision Of The Afterlife - GameSpot
Pyramid from Pixar’s Coco

Coco’s Land of the Dead drew a lot of inspiration from Mexican history. The Aztec and Mayan step pyramids were star attractions to Miguel on his journey.

Top 10 things you didn't notice in Soul, the latest Pixar
The Step Pyramid in ‘Soul’

The Pyramid silhouettes appear on the Hall of Everything’s background alongside others in ‘Soul.’

14. Brang advertisement from Inside Out

Riley's First Date? - Screencaps - Inside Out Photo (39041825) - Fanpop -  Page 20
The Brang T-Shirt

Riley’s dad works for Brang in ‘Inside Out‘. He sports a t-shirt of his company throughout the movie.

Brang Advertisement on the Subway in 'Soul'
Brang Advertisement on the Subway

A Brang ad appears on the subway in ‘Soul’.

15. Portorosso Travel Advertisement from Luca

Portorosso | Disney Wiki | Fandom
Luca’s Portorosso

In the upcoming Pixar film ‘Luca‘, in June this year, Portorosso is the town where the story unfolds.
In ‘Soul,’ Joe walks by a travel agency. There is an ad to travel to Portorosso with a picture of the seaside town. This is a shoutout to the upcoming movie.

overview for Catboyxtreme
The Portorosso Travel Ad in ‘Soul’

The audience and professional critics worldwide have lauded ‘Soul’ for its moving story and brilliant screenplay. It is now available on Blu-Ray and other digital media. Disney+ also offers to stream the movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, add it to your list of must-watch movies. If you have, tell us more about any more easter eggs you may spotted in the comments.

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