“What we are preparing is REALLY special”: South of Midnight Dev Wants the World to Be Prepared for What They’re Cooking

Compulsion Games' South of Midnight combines unique art and Southern folklore in a new action-adventure game.

South of Midnight


  • South of Midnight, an upcoming Xbox first-party title, blends Southern Gothic themes and magical realism.
  • The game follows Hazel, who uncovers hidden mysteries and goes on a personal journey.
  • It releases in 2025, and comes out on day one to Xbox Game Pass.
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Compulsion Games, the studio behind the highly anticipated title, South of Midnight, is generating a lot of attention with its latest project, thanks to its unique style and art direction. 


A tweet by Olivier Derivière, the composer for the game, has fans eager to see what the team has in store. He stated that what they are creating is something really special, and fans are very excited for the release in 2025.

Compulsion Games’ Latest Title Looks Pretty Unique

Image of Hazel in South of Midnight.
Hazel is the protagonist of South of Midnight. Image via Xbox.

Compulsion Games, now a part of Xbox Game Studios, is known for creating experiences with unique artistic styles and imaginative worlds. 


One dev who has worked on the game, Olivier Deriviere, is particularly excited and took to X/Twitter to share that more info is coming:

This is great news for fans who have enjoyed the studio’s history of titles such as Contrast and We Happy Few. Contrast is a puzzle platformer set in a dreamlike, film noir world where players manipulate light and shadow.


We Happy Few, on the other hand, takes place in a dystopian 1960s England where citizens take a drug called Joy to remain blissfully ignorant of their reality. The game was often compared to Bioshock, and the influences were clear. Both games showcase Compulsion’s knack for creating visually striking and narratively rich experiences. 

South of Midnight is set to be an action-adventure game that delves into the folklore of the Deep South of America. The game follows Hazel, a young woman who discovers a world where reality and fantasy intertwine and exist simultaneously. 

A hurricane rips through her town, Prospero, revealing ancient creatures and mysteries hidden in the shadows. The game’s narrative revolves around Hazel’s journey to uncover her past and repair a broken world.


Everything We Know About South of Midnight 

Image of Hazel in the game.
The game has a very unique art style and vibe. Image via Xbox.

South of Midnight’s gameplay is designed to be a single-player, third-person experience with a wide-linear structure, allowing for exploration and discovery within open areas. Players will utilize Hazel’s magical abilities to combat mythical creatures and solve puzzles. The gameplay reveal at the Xbox Summer Showcase looked unique and interesting, and showcased a slice of its game design.

Hazel is also animated at a lower frame rate than the other creatures and NPCs, and pretty much the rest of the game, akin to the Spider-Verse movies, which gives it a very unique feel. The game also boasts a distinct visual style, that is a bit more animated. It complements the narrative very well and creates a rather memorable atmosphere.

This will be Compulsion’s first game under Microsoft Gaming since the company acquired it back in 2018. The original codename for the game’s development was Project Midnight. South of Midnight was initially announced at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 12, 2023.


The game’s setting in the American South, combined with its mix of Southern Gothic and magical realism, sets it apart from other action-adventure titles. The narrative is set to explore deep thematic elements, such as societal issues and personal identity, through Hazel’s eyes. 

As an Xbox exclusive, the game will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC at launch. The game will also be a part of Xbox Game Pass on its release day.

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