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Spanish Artist Tiina Menzel Creates Stupefying Skull and Cat Sketches

Tiina Menzel is a Spanish artist from Seville Spain and has created many beautiful sketches and
paintings over the years.
But recently, an idea provoked her.
She decided to change her genre of art.
She went on from creating beautiful sketches to creating stupefying illustrations of Skulls and cats.
According to Menzel, she started creating such sketches because she thought that when a person is
dead from the inside, they are unfortunate, worried, and anxious about things happening with them
in their lives.
Still, a light of happiness crosses there path in the form of a pet cat. As it is said that having a pet
cat might reduce the stress level, one has, and those adorable creatures will make you feel happy.
Moreover, this had happened with Tiina that in her first year as an artist, she didn’t get that much
success and was depressed about her situation.
But suddenly things changed as she bought a pet cat and soon fell in love with it. This completely

changed her life, making her a better person as well as a famous artist.

Today, in an attempt for the fans to adore these amazing sketches, FandomWire has compiled a list

of Tiina Menzel’s stunning pieces of art. Sounds interesting let us hop into it!

1. I Will love you Even If I’m Dead:


2. Come Sleep With Me Kitty:


3. These Comfy Flowers:


4. My Only love Cats And Flowers:

5. Love Me Till My Last Breath And Beyond:

6. I’m Beautiful And I Know It:


7. Good Kitty:


8. Hey Junior:

9. A Cup Of Tea With My Sweetie:

10. Just call me!!


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