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Spider-Man: 12 Movie Details You Definitely Missed

12 Spider-Man movie details that you definitely missed. Peter Parker or our friendly neighborhood Spidey is one of the most famous Marvel characters. Throughout the years, we have seen many movies. Now, without a doubt, Sam Raimi’s trilogy is to date considered to be great. But things changed when Sony and Disney struck a deal and Spider-man became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking on that, there are one too many movies out there and it is not possible for fans to notice every small detail, right? So, let’s talk about 12 Spider-Man details that you definitely missed. Check it out.

1. Mile’s Test Paper

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His test paper got the date wrong. It reads Decembruary.

2. Beat of a Different Drummer

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In this scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), everyone in the lab is ready to charge except one scientist.

3. Spidey’s Gripping Powers

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In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter holds on to the concrete to refrain from falling which really showed his gripping powers.


4. Peter Parker’s Absence

Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed
Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed

In Spider-Man 2, when Peter steals his suit back from Jonah J. Jameson, the Bugle publishes about Spidey but without an image because Parker hasn’t come back for his employment yet.

5. Aunty May’s Piano Lesson

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The reason why Peter was able to play piano out of nowhere is because of Aunt May. The bank loan scene ended up getting tying in the movie later on.

6. Spider Bite Mark Never Left

Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed
Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed

The spider bite mark on Peter’s hand never left. It was always there and this is something that we could see in several ways. It’s a neat reminder of how he got his powers.

7. Doc Ock’s Hideout Is Similar To That In Comics

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Doc Ock’s hideout in Spider-Man 2 is very similar to the one from comics. This tells us that the movies didn’t come out of thin air.

8. Howard Stark in Homecoming

Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed
Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed

In Homecoming, we can see Howard Stark in the background painted on a mural dedicated to the greatest scientists and inventors.

9. Aunty May’s Relationship With Doc Ock

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In the comics, Doc Ock starts a relationship with Aunty May to get to Peter. In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Aunt May refers to Doc Ock as Liv and he has made it clear that only his true friends call him that. Hence, it is possible that she did something of this sort again.


10. Unnamed Link Between Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2

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The guy who yells at Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002)is the same guy who tells Peter that someone is stuck in the burning building in the sequel (2004). The actor’s name is Michael Edward Thomas.

11. Getting The Wrong Lyrics Purposefully

Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed
Spider-Man Movie Details You Definitely Missed

Into the Spider-Verse starts with Miles listening to Sunflower. He deliberately gets the lyrics wrong, the actual lyrics, “She wants to ride me like a cruise.” This removed the sexual double entendre from a PG film.

12. Spider-Gwen’s Peter Has A Reptilian Past

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In one of the comics’ storylines, Peter turns himself into a lizard. This scene is actually a big reference to that where we can see blue imprints on his skin.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht