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‘Spider-Man 2’ Easter Egg Revealed In ‘Spider-Man PS4’

Marvel‘s new PS4 game looks great and some might even argue that it’s one of the best looking games ever, especially when it’s running on PS4 Pro. But not everything is as shiny as it looks. Some parts of the game look like they’ve been taken from a 90s or early 2000s game of Spider-Man.

For those fans who didn’t know this, the game is a part-survival horror for those gamers who dare to venture into the Hudson River where there are no sharks but something worse than that: “Boat People”.

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It’s common to come across low details in video games as it’s another way to save the computing power for models. This technique has been around since the advent of 3D models in gaming and they might be an effective technique as it does make the game look fine from a distance but if you move closer, their low-detail-ness is easily visible to the eyes.

Again, a gamer isn’t really supposed to or expected to ever see these “Boat People” up this close which explains why getting to these “Boat People” is so difficult. One has to go out of his/her way, battling the water in order to get there. But it seems like the reward to get there is worth it all!

If you’ve ever played Spider-Man 2, you’d remember the horrible boat models the game had and these Boat people almost look worse. It seems like this has been done on purpose by Insomniac Games as a really clever Easter egg, who as we all know, loves Easter Eggs. Despite the poor quality PS2 graphics, the movie tie-in game is beloved among fans and highly regarded as the best Spidey game of all time, so it makes sense that the developers would put this nod in the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is exclusively available on PlayStation 4.

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