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‘Really hope Spider-Man 4 is just about Peter Parker’: Marvel Fans Demand a Simple Tom Holland Peter Parker Story After No Way Home’s Multiverse Adventure

tom holland is spiderman 4

The rumors surrounding the plausibility of Spider-Man 4 starring Tom Holland have set the Internet ablaze. As pointed out by a recent source, the speculated premise may see its release in 2024. Although not confirmed yet, it does raise several questions. One such query pertains to the plot of the next film.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man
Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

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While the MCU Spider-Man trilogy has been nothing less of a spectacular journey, many fans believe that the three films were trying to do more than what was necessary. Some also believed that Holland’s iteration of the friendly neighborhood hero was living under the shadow of other well-established characters within the franchise.

Although it makes sense for it to have happened in what can be termed Peter’s “origin story”, fans are hoping to be rewarded with a more mature, Peter Parker-centric, cameo-less endeavor through Spider-Man 4. 

A Simple Peter Parker Story In Spider-Man 4

MCU’s Spider-Man

Where we last left off in Spider-Man: No Way Home, we saw the fan-favorite protagonist commit to a life-altering sacrifice that is quite archetypal of what Peter Parker as a whole represents. This act of selflessness sets off what can be assumed as the end of the first chapter and the start of a new one. Peter’s journey as a socially awkward, shy yet loyal, and dedicated teenage superhero involved a lot of spectacles and a lot of glitzy narrative devices that often took the attention away from him.

But now it’s time to turn over a new leaf. It’s time to introduce a character that is learning how to deal with the grief of the past, instead of glossing over it. It’s time to flesh out his story and make it revolve around him and him only. The past movies saw him reliant on several mentor figures, but it’s a new era where he ought to deal with the circumstances on his own. If Peter Parker has grown, then the story must too.

Tom Holland
What do people want from Tom Holland’s Peter Parker?

So, what exactly would provide for a great story, to begin with? According to most fans, Spider-Man 4 should just be a “simple Peter Parker” story. No cameos, no crowd-pleasing diversions, no multiverse. Just Peter and his Spidey shenanigans.

Furthermore, people believe that for a movie about Spider-Man to succeed, it would not require the presence of other notable superheroes. Unfortunately, many have also acknowledged that the “solo” formula does not really work within the borders of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A gamble that people are willing to make involves a street-level superhero story that may see Spider-Man tagging alongside Daredevil to counter the forces of villains like Kingpin.

Spider-Man and Daredevil
Spider-Man and Daredevil

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However, even then, fans are most inclined in the favor of Spider-Man 4 revolving around Peter’s college life, his grieving the events of the past, and coming out of his shell. Some also hope to see it tackle the symbiote plotline, although many believe for that to be a story for some other day.

What Fans Want From Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4

Taking to Twitter, fans have expressed what they hope to see from the speculated Tom Holland-starrer. One such user stated the need for a simple story revolving around Peter Parker. Others echoed a similar point of view. What can be ascertained is how MCU’s reliance on cameos and interconnected plotlines has led to the fans growing tired. The same formula will not stick for long.

Tom Holland's epic Spider-Man introduction into the MCU in Civil War
Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 should have a more grounded story

If She-Hulk‘s ending was bold and brave enough to point out the flaws in the formulaic MCU strategy, then the franchise should take a step back to at least rectify said inconsistencies. It would soon be seen through Phases 5 and 6 whether or not the Marvel Cinematic Universe has learned from its past mistakes.

For now, fans can only yearn for a future Spider-Man movie that is all about Peter Parker. Take a look:

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Even if a cameo-less premise is unimaginable or impossible, one can at least assume that the rumored film will introduce some of the most iconic Spider-Man characters from the comics. Fans have been long campaigning to see Black Cat in the MCU narrative. If the franchise is smart enough, it should profit off the characters that fans have wanted to see for a while now. This also includes some of the most intriguing Spider-Man villains that have not stepped on the premise to fight the Web-Slinger.

Regardless, the expectations are high. What will suffice at the end of the day is a good, meaningful story — one that can be conveyed irrespective of cameos or other diversions.

Spider-Man 4 has been rumored to see a potential release on July 12th, 2024. This has not been confirmed. However, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy is available for streaming on Disney+.

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