Spider-Man 4 Theory: Ned Leeds Becomes Venom, Forcing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to Kill His Best Friend in What Could Be the Darkest Moment in MCU History

Ned Leeds Becomes Venom theory
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Post the release of the third installment of the MCU’s Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us countless cameos which fulfilled our hearts by uniting three generations worth of Spider-Man fans. Not only that, but the movie was also responsible for bringing fans of Venom and his symbiotic family of menace as well. During the post-credit scene of the movie, it was shown that although Eddie Brock and Venom had safely returned to their own universe, it was not without leaving a bit of Venom behind.

No Way Home is set for a 2021 release.
No Way Home is set for a 2021 release.

A theory circulating amongst fans has piqued the interest of many. With Peter Parker of Earth-616 losing everyone he was close to, Ned Leeds was no exception to it. Wielding the power of sorcery, earning the trust of the cloak of levitation, and gaining the respect of Doctor Strange himself, Ned certainly made his mark. 

Ned Leeds’ ending left fans to brainstorm any and every idea they could think of. If it was a possibility, it was a fan theory. The movie not only left an ending open to the imagination of the fans but also in a way provided creative freedom for future projects relating to the same. The opening of the multiverse welcomes new possibilities and this theory is one of them.


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Ned Leeds: A Hidden Hero

Ned Leeds in the comic is seen as a friend turned villain, that is, the hobgoblin. Being a friend so close to Peter Parker, he played an integral part in not only helping his best friend out when the web-slinger needs him the most but also providing emotional support. Even before Michelle Jones discovered the identity of Spider-Man to be her classmate and love Peter Parker, he learned of it and became the wallcrawler’s guy in the chair. Ned easily became one of the few people Peter trusted the most.

Ned Leeds and Betty Brant in Spiderman Far From Home
Ned Leeds and Betty Brant in Spiderman Far From Home

The Connection of Venom

Eddie Brock and Venom have always had a very chaotic relationship. The symbiotic connection between the two has had its ups and downs. The hive mind that connects Venom to every other symbiote also leaves a bit of him back on Earth-616, providing Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man a chance to bond with Venom and absorb his memories. This would not only let Venom of other universes learn of Peter Parker, but this would also let the newly left behind Venom use this information and take Ned Leeds as a host. Bringing back all the lost memories of the potential sorcerer.


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The Rise of the Hobgoblin

hobgoblin chasing spiderman in the comics
Hobgoblin chasing spiderman in the comics

Ned Leeds has been infamously titled the villain Hobgoblin. In the comics, it has been established that Ned had been kidnapped and brainwashed into believing that he had the identity of the hobgoblin. However, in the latest spider – man comic; The Amazing Spider-Man (2018), Ned and his multiple clones took up the identity to help out Spider-Man in defeating Kindred. The only reason Ned takes up the identity is that he is lonely and has no friends. The MCU‘s storyline negated this issue by giving him Peter Parker, Betty Brant, and Michelle Jones; along with the motherly love of May Parker.


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The aftermath of Spider-Man: No Way Home took away all which kept Ned from turning towards the dark side. So it is quite possible that Hobgoblin could rise. However at the same time, with the presence of Venom, Ned proves to be the perfect host for the creature. Ned proves to be not only someone from whom everything was taken away but also someone who has a motive to now hate Peter Parker and the web-slinger he represents. Reviving Ned’s old memories might not be so ideal, but showing the life that Ned used to have and was taken away could be enough motivation for Venom and his goals.

The MCU has been seen taking note of the darker tones within its reach with shows such as Moon Knight and the induction of their fan-favorite character Daredevil, so it is a possible theory for them to divert from what the comics hold and take a surprising turn instead.


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