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Spider-Man: 5 Things About The Character That Has Changed (& 5 Things That Have Stayed The Same)

Spider-Man is one of the most cherished Marvel legends and superheroes. He first showed up in quite a while in August 1962 and over just about sixty years of his reality, he acquired the adoration of a huge number of fans who could relate with Peter Parker and felt associated with him since Spider-Man dealt with a lot of problems familiar to his readers.

Over the years the character has been written by many writers and the character went through a lot of changes both in minor and in drastic ways which have either been favorable or controversial to fans. Here we have compiled 5 things that changed about Spider-Man as well as 5 things that have remained the same.

1) Changed: He Is Longer A Teenager

To make the character more relatable to the readers, the creators decided to start Spider-Man’s story as a high-schooler. But as time passed, Marvel comics went through a lot of changes and Spidey is no longer a young high-schooler. Although, some of his old traits can still be seen.

2) Same: He Is Still Portrayed As A Deeply Relatable Character

Regardless of what age Spider-Man is, one of the most important attributes for the character is his relatability. Although many Marvel characters were designed similarly, it is Spider-Man that seems to portray these attributes the best.

He always has difficulty trying to manage both his jobs and personal relationships. All of this was done to make the character more relatable to its readers.

3) Changed: His Costume Has Received Multiple Makeovers

Spider-Man’s suit has seen several changes over the years but the basic design has remained the same. Black color was used rather than blues during the first appearance of Spider-Man. The biggest notable change is the eyes and how they got bigger over the years.

Also, the armpit webbing has been removed although it does occasionally come back.

4) Same: His Powers Have Gone Through Minimal Changes

Spider-Man’s abilities have remained consistent, only going through minimal changes. All abilities that a spider exhibits such as wall-clinging and spider-sense were visible in Peter Parker.

However, one of the most interesting elements that have been through changes is the web-shooters and how they are designed rather than being biological.

5) Changed: He Has Become A Mentor To Miles

The introduction of Miles Morales has indeed shaken the Spider-Man fans. Peter Parker has become a mentor to Miles. Peter Parker, who initially thought he was the only one going through these problems, now had to share his experience with Miles Morales. Although it is one of the newer developments, it is by far one of the most interesting.

6) Same: His Banter Against His Foes Has Improved

The beloved friendly neighborhood superhero is well famous for his humor, a staple of his beguiling youth. It makes a more relatable and blameless way to deal with the work. It really doesn’t matter who he is fighting, he will always make fun of his enemies to make them get angry quickly.

7) Changed: His Fighting Style Has Grown More Effective

Spider-Man possesses a unique fighting style that compliments his abilities. However, over the past few years, it has since evolved where he adopts a new fighting style that perfects his self-taught one. Just like a Spider.

When it comes to superheroes, details regarding a particular fighting style isn’t the most important thing. However, it does illustrate and highlight how unique a character might be.

8) Same: Mary Jane Is Always In His Heart

Over the decades Spider-Man has had multiple relationships. Each shaping the story differently. However, perhaps the closest two people that Spider-Man has ever cared about is his family and Mary Jane Watson.

9) Changed: His Marriage Ended To Save Aunt May

In Spider-Man: One More Day, Peter takes the most controversial choice that was ever made in Spider-Man’s entire career. After his Aunt May had been shot, Spider-Man seeks help to save her life. He encounters the demon Mephisto, who offers to save her life if Spider-Man gives up his marriage. Spider-Man and his significant other Mary Jane Watson concur, and this piece of their set of experiences is eradicated so that, adequately, they have never been hitched. The thinking behind this was to bring back the norm of an unmarried Peter Parker, notwithstanding, it is one that has separated fans right up ’til the present time.

10) Same: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

This famous quote, which is also the backbone of Spider-Man as a character, is by far his most defining trait as a character. No matter which Spider-Man it is or whoever is under the mask, they have to follow this principle. He still gives out this motto to other heroes and newcomers. Whether by outright saying it or showing it through his actions.


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Written by Farhan Asif

19-year-old video-game freak pursuing computer science, also a content writer at FandomWire