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8 Facts About The Spider-Man – Black Cat Relationship That Makes It Better Than Mary Jane’s

8 Facts About The Spider Man Black Cat Relationship That Makes It Better Than Mary Janes

Spider-Man and Black Cat have an on and off relationship with each other. Sometimes they are lovers and sometimes they are enemies. But the bond they share is something special and strong. Both have made sacrifices for each other in the past. It will be interesting to see Spider-Man and Black Cat together in an MCU movie in future.

1. Black Cat Faked Her Own Death More Than Twice: Black Cat has faked her death multiple times in comics. Fans who have seen the core relationship of Spider-Man and Black Cat know that they are often seen chasing each other in the comics. The first time she faked her death was in The Amazing Spider-Man #195. But her crazy attraction towards him forced her to reveal herself. The second time she faked her death was in Amazing Spider-Man #227.

Black Cat attackes in first Spider Man appearance in issue 194

2. Both Of Them Actually Dated?

Even the truest of Marvel fans might not know that Black Cat is one of  Spider-Man’s love interests in the comics. And they actually dated. The start of their relationship was in Spectacular Spider-Man #74, when Peter revealed his real identity to Felicia Hardy. In fact, Felicia was the first person he purposely revealed his identity to. Peter had true and deep feelings for Felicia. But eventually, their serious relationship didn’t last long.

Spider Man and Black Cat break up in Marvel Comics.

3. Black Cat Was Never Really Interested In Dating Peter Parker: Black Cat was only interested in Spider-Man. She never really loved the man behind the mask, the real Peter. Somewhere Peter knew that and fought it till the end but it was of no use.

Black Cat and Spider Man hug in Marvel Comics.

4. Superpower or Bad Luck!?: Felicia did not have any superpowers at first, but her romance with Peter leads her to gain superpowers after she almost died because of Doctor Octopus. The power of causing people bad luck became her main defense in the comics. Her crime sprees in New York City became uncontrollable.

BLACK CAT Queenpin

5. Black Cat could make her appearance in No Way Home because of a strong comic book connection between her and Doctor Strange. Therefore, Black Cat may emerge this time in the MCU’s no way home.

Doctor Strange performs a spell on Spider Man in Marvel Comics.

6. Black Cat attacked Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man #331. When Black Cat got to know about the marriage of Mary and Peter, she went all mad.  Felicia attacked Mary in her apartment and threatened her to steal Spiderman away from her. From this moment she proved that she is a true villain.

Black Cat confronts Mary Jane in Marvel Comics.

7. Black Cat’s plan to end Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s marriage didn’t end there. In order to make Peter jealous, she even dated Flash Thompson, and somehow it worked but the consequences were not good.

Black Cat dates Flash Thompson in Marvel Comics.

8. Black Cat’s reaction to Spider-Man’s real identity was so pathetic. She literally throws up all over him when she gets to know that Spider-Man is Peter Parker in reality. She never thought that the Spider-Man she admired would be a teenage boy. Her imagination of Peter was of a much older and more of a man! Instead, she saw a young teenage Peter Parker and that moment was hilarious!!

BLACK CAT Dated Spider Man

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