Spider-Man: Freshman Year Reportedly Getting Canceled For Budget Constraints as Tom Holland in Talks to Renew Deal With Marvel and Sony

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Reports have been circulating about the possible cancellation of Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and several other Disney+ series are also on the brink of danger. Marvel Studios Animation has been struggling with its current projects, which resulted in the termination of much-awaited sequels.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year
Disney+ Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Marvel also reportedly fired several Spider-Man: Freshman Year crew members despite its planned premiere in 2024. The renewal for the second season is also uncertain at this point.

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Spider-Man: Freshman Year Reportedly On The Brink Of Cancelation Due To Budget Concerns

The Cosmic Circus has provided exclusive reports regarding the issue. According to the source, Spider-Man: Freshman Year is still slated for release in the Fall of 2024. There is no confirmation about the rumored cancelation, but Marvel and Disney+ will take into account the reactions of the audience towards the series before they green-lit the sequel, Sophomore Year.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year
Disney+ Spider-Man: Freshman Year

Finance is the main concern of Marvel for taking this option, and with a limited budget for the animation department, it might be safe to say to expect the worst. The issue sparked flames after several members of the team were laid off.

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Nevertheless, the Spider-Man animated series has proven its good track record over the years. Freshman Year is, in fact, the eleventh animation project of the franchise since 1967. However, MCU has been expanding its universe, and more movie and television projects have sprouted over the last few years. This is the central focus of Marvel, and the bulk of their budget goes to big movie franchises.

Peter Parker Spider-Man
Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Fans speculate that the recent Marvel and Sony deal sharing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in a brand-new film greatly affected the situation. The studio’s decision to delay smaller projects to make way for the much-anticipated ones is a sacrifice that needs to be done if Marvel hopes for a better outcome.

As long as Marvel is not releasing any official statements yet, the upcoming series is still safe from danger. Spider-Man: Freshman Year will premiere on Disney+ in 2024.


Source: The Direct

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