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Spider-Man Is Now A Member Of The Fantastic Four

Spider-Man Is Now A Member Of The Fantastic Four
Spider-Man- A Member Of Fantastic Four.

Spiderman is now a member of the Fantastic Four. He is replacing Reed Richards on the Team. He has managed to overcome his darkest moments and move on. The final episode of Marvel Comics  Spiderman – Spider’s Shadow #5 has ended with a distressful death for Peter due to the symbiote he has brought to Earth. However, there is also the chance for a fresh start. He is now a part of Marvel’s first family.

Marvel’s What If Series:

Spider-Man Is Now A Member Of The Fantastic Four
Symbiote Spider-Man

Marvel’s new storyline – What If, includes the Spiderman: Spider’s Shadow, which asks the question, What If Spiderman kept the Symbiote Suit? The answer is murky. The suit is powerful and has helped Spiderman to vanquish powerful villains like Scorpion and Kingpin. Eventually, when Spiderman gets rid of the suit, the symbiote finds a new host in Reed Richards, which is the worst-case scenario for the future. With the help of Reed, the symbiote clones itself. These creatures then merge with the Avengers. Spider Man then has to handle the attack of several infected superheroes.

Spider-Man and the Symbiote:

Chip Dzarsky’s Spider Man- The Spider’s Shadow has the Fantastic Four (Pasqual Ferry, Matt Hollingsworth, and Joe Sabino) fighting the infected Avengers. Meanwhile, Spider Man realizes that stopping Reed will rid all the Avengers of the symbiote. So spider Man offers himself to the symbiote as bait in order to save everyone. Then he watches the symbiote leave Reed but kills Reed in the process. The symbiote is defeated when it bonds with Johnny Storm instead of Spider Man (thanks to some image-changing tech ingenuity). Johnny changes to the Human Torch and destroys the alien. Subsequently, Sue Storm offers Spider-Man a spot on the team at Reed’s funeral. That is where the season concludes.

Fantastic Four and Spider-Man:

Spider-Man Is Now A Member Of The Fantastic Four
The New Blue Suit!

This is not Spider-Man’s first appearance alongside the Fantastic Four. During the Empyre event by Marvel, Spider-Man got his new blue costume along with Wolverine. Before this, Spider-Man and Logan joined the new Fantastic Four team in Fantastic Four #347. Previously, Peter was also part of the list as a member of the Future Foundation in the Amazing Spider-Man #657.

The Conclusion:

The mini-series has concluded beautifully. Peter is the perfect person to take the place of Reed Richards on the Fantastic Four Team. Peter is just as brilliant an inventor and scientist as Reed. He also has a sincere and heartfelt bond with the Team. After watching the symbiote annihilate him and his world, Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four is a great option. Henceforth, Spider-Man will never have to face any challenge alone.

Spider-Man’s Spider Shadow #5 is on the stands now.