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Spider-Man: No Way Home: 10 Potential Villains & The Actors Perfectly Suited To Play Them

Spider-Man: No Way Home is already bringing in Electro, Doctor Octopus, and a host fo  other villains. If only these villains had a shot in the MCU.

Kindred – Bill Skarsgaard

A new Spider-Man villain, Kindred is actually a human turned demon. Originally a prisoner of hell, Kindred rose through the ranks and become a force of nature. He has started to torment Peter Parker for while now. Nobody knows who kindred is and how to destroy him. His powers of dream manipulation and control of centipedes with sizes ranging from a few centimeters to human sized ones, are not something to be taken lightly. Bill Skarsgaard played Pennywise in It and It Chapter 2. Playing a demonic entity from hell that strikes fear in the hearts of men should be a piece of cake for him.

Tombstone – Ron Perlman

Lonnie Thompson Lincoln is a career criminal and thug. With incredibly tough physique and musculature, Lonnie was already one of the criminal underworld’s strongest enforcers. After being exposed to massive amounts of a chemical known as Diox-3, Lonnie gained super durable skin and super strength. A regular Spider-Man foe, Tombstone now owns his very own criminal empire. Ron Perlman, with his baritone voice and hulking figure would make for a Good Tombstone.

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Jackal – David Thewlis

Doctor Miles Warren was a celebrated genius in the field of cloning and biology. His skills in the disciplines were so advanced even the High Evolutionary asked him to come and work with him. Mils Warren, little did anyone know, was also a mentally disturbed individual. He was a murderer and a pathological liar. Believing Spider-Man to be responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy (whom he had a thing for), Miles used his scientific knowledge to turn himself into the Jackal. he tried cloning Peter Parker to create multiple Spider-Man clones. The infamous Spider-Island arc was also his doing. David Thewlis has played Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise. His experience playing a werewolf/crazed genius might come in handy for the MCU.

Mister Negative – Stephen Oyoung

The man who would one day become the infamous criminal tycoon known as Mister Negative was once known by the name Martin Li. Li was given an experimental drug that was still under testing by the government. As a result of the drug, Li gained control over a form of black electrical energy that now encompasses his entire body, giving him a range of abilities. Stephen Oyoung has already voiced the villain in the 2018 Spider-Man game. He seems like the perfect choice to play Mister Negative.

Beetle – Michelle Veintimilla

There are several versions of the Beetle. Abner Jenkins, Leila Davis, and Janice Lincoln have all assumed the mantle at some point of time. Our choice for Bettle goes to Leila Davis, the widower of small time villain The Ringer. Leila Davis would start out small, working as a driver for a large criminal organization called the Sinister Syndicate. Later getting her hands on the Beetle armor, she begins a life of crime. Beetle is a long time member of the Thunderbolts. So including Davis in the movie would be an added bonus. Michelle Veintimilla has already played a similar character in the DC TV series – Gotham. Veintimilla player Firefly. She could essay the role of Beetle in No Way Home.

Hobgoblin – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Roderick Kingsley is a man with no honor. He would kill anyone to do his bidding. He is one of the vilest villains Spider-Man has ever faced. One of the most heinous acts of the hobgoblin is being responsible for the murder of Ned Leeds. The Hobgoblin injected the Goblin formula into his body but had the composition changed so that he does not become insane like Norman Osborn. Extremely manipulative and cunning, he could be a very worthy opponent to Spider-Man. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Negan in The walking Dead franchise, is an actor well versed in playing roles with such unique eccentricities.

Jack O’Lantern – Booboo Stewart

The man who would one day become the sadistic killer known as the Jack O’Lantern had a very troubled childhood. Nobody knows the current Jack O’Lantern’s real name. He was a kid when he started torturing small animals and hurting other kids just for fun. After he abandoned his parents and left for the streets, bennet Brant, the third Crime Master, found him and took him in. Brant taught him close combat techniques and assassination skills. And soon after, the boy grew up to become Jack O’Lantern, one of the world’s foremost guns for hire. Booboo Stewart is an actor and singer who has appeared in movies like The Twilight Saga, where he played Seth Clearwater. We believe Booboo Stewart could easily essay the role of the villain.

Morlun – Matthew McConaughey

Morlun hails from a long line of spider slayers. he traverses the multi-verse in search of Spider-Totems. Spider-Totems are people with Spider-Man like powers. Turns out, each universe has at least one Spider-Totem and Morlun’s job is to kill them and absorb their powers. A newly established villain, Morlun has incredible potential to become one of the greatest villains the wall crawler has ever faced. So our choice to play this epic villain is the legendary Matthew McConaughey. He has already played such shady characters in the past. The Dark Tower comes to mind.

Queen – Maggie Q

Adriana Soria was once just a normal woman. She was a female veteran from World War II. The government decided to use her as a test subject. When the nuke exploded at Bikini Atoll, Adriana along with a few other of her friends were exposed to the radiation. Only Adriana survived with the radiation activating her latent mutant powers. But it did more than that. It also made her mentally unstable. Now calling herself Queen, Adriana has the ability to control all insect life. Even people with insect based powers like Spider-Man would fall under her telepathic control. Maggie Q is our choice to play the unhinged super-villainess.

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Professor Mendel Stromm – Bryan Cranston

Professor Mendel Stromm was a genius level scientist who was part of Oscorp’s Goblin project. he worked with Norman Osborn to create the Goblin Formula. Later Osborn betrayed him. Using his notes, Osborn perfected the Goblin formula and became the Green Goblin. Mendel Stromm returned from prison to extract his revenge on Osborn when he suffered a fatal heart attack. In a last ditch effort, He transferred his brain into a robotic body and now lives eternally as a cyborg. Thanks to the Goblin formula he administered on himself, the procedure did not kill him. Mendel Stromm is a highly underrated villain. A gifted mind that was never understood by society, who was forced to resort to criminal ways to make the world acknowledge him. It reminds us of Cranston’s Heisenberg.