Spider-Man once Dated Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman?!

A regular partner of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man had once fallen for Invisible Woman! Well, it seems that Spider-Man had almost gone cozy with the iconic Invisible Woman.

What’s the story all about?

It is well known that Spider-Man has a good relationship with the Fantastic Four. Everyone knows about Spidey’s friendship/rivalry with the Human Torch. Also, it is a well-known fact that he connects with Mr. Fantastic on an intellectual level. Adding on to that, he has been a part of Ben Grimm’s famous poker games. Spider-Man also leads a team that defeated Thanos in an alternate timeline.

Spider-Man has a good relationship with Fantastic Four!

Peter Parker and his love stories

It has been speculated that Peter Parker was dating FF’s most glamorous member- Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. Even though fans start accusing Spidey of being a homewrecker, they should know that this roots back to the days before Sue was married to Reed. Well, it doesn’t look like everything went blissful for Spidey. The story took place in the Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996. It contained stories about Spider-Man’s superhero career while he was in high school. Although during that time, he had a feud with the Human Torch, he was able to get under Johnny’s skin and ask her sister out for a date. Spidey showed up with a bouquet of roses at the Baxter Building and asked Sue if she would go out for dinner with him. It was a surprise that Suie accepted his offer as Spider-Man thought she would never do so!

Spider-Man has dated many women in the past!

And the story continues

Amused by the fact that he got a date with a superhero celebrity, Peter spent the next few hours with his head in the clouds. In a typical Spidey fashion, he turned down his then-love interest Betty Brant when she offered him to go out with her that night. However, the rest of the night continued ti go downhill. When he picked up Sue, he realized that he could not take her anywhere fancy because she was of superhero status. Sue had to drive the two in FF’s flying car, and Spidey could only offer her pizza. To add salt to the injury, Sue did nothing but talked about her issues with Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richard, and Sub-Mariner.

Fantastic Four have many comical and thrilling instances with Spidey!

The thrill in the story

Johnny, fuming over the fact that Spider-Man had asked her sister for a date and she eventually agreed, reported this matter to Sub-Mariner. Johnny told Sub-Mariner that Spider-Man kidnapped his sister. Furious, Namor stormed into the pizza parlor and challenged Spider-Man for a fight. Sue than called in the rest of the FF to explain the situation to Namor. At last, everyone got to walk away satisfactorily. Yes, including Spider-Man! As he was successful in webbing Johnny’s car to the ceiling of the garbage and allowing it to smash on the ground.

The Human Torch!

One of the most unusual dates

Although Peter and Sue never mention this embarrassing date, it surely makes it into the list of the most notable dates ever! As both Sue and Betty were in their early twenties, it marks an era when Spider-Man frequently dated older women with dangerous backgrounds! Safe to say, Spidey was attracted to the older women very easily!

Spider-Man has several dating stories!

Have a look at the following trailer for some nostalgia!

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