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Spider-Man: No Way Home Post-Credits Scene Explained

Spider-Man: No Way Home Post-Credits Scene Explained

Post-credits scenes are an MCU staple. Ever since Nick Fury appeared on screen in 2008 and spoke those infamous words to Tony Stark. “I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative.” It was less than one minute in length but hinted at the larger universe to come. Now, over a decade later, that universe has grown into the largest shared cinematic universe of all time. So, what does the Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene mean? And what does it set up for the future of Peter Parker? And more importantly, for the future of the MCU?

Spider-Man: No Way Home SPOILERS Ahead

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) in the 2008 Iron Man post credit scene

Fans who sat through the credits of Venom: Let There Be Carnage were ecstatic to see the post-credits scene linked Sony’s Venom directly to the MCU’s Spider-Man. That post-credits scene saw Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Venom pulled through the Multiverse directly into the universe of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The Symbiotes have shared memories across all time and universes. A hive mind. It’s this hive mind that allows Venom to immediately recognize Peter Parker, despite never having met him. Audiences were hopeful that this meant the MCU would pit Spider-Man against one of his greatest comic book foes… Venom. Those fans were likely disappointed because that did not happen.

However, No Way Home did give us a glimpse of Eddie Brock and Venom in the MCU through a post-credits scene. The scene finds Eddie drunk at a Tiki Bar. He’s talking to the bartender, and to Venom, as he tries to wrap his mind around how he got to a new universe. The scene is primarily played for laughs and plays no major role in the plot of the film, until the conclusion. Spider-Man (or Spider-Men) wins the battle and sends each villain and hero back to their prospective universes. Disappearing in a flash of light they’re gone. We see this happen to Eddie Brock, just as he makes the announcement that he is going to look for Spider-Man, against the urgings of his symbiotic partner. Eddie is zapped back to the Sony universe and that’s that. Except, the camera pans down to reveal a small drop of the symbiotic goo remaining on the bar.

Sony's Venom and MCU's Spider-Man in Venom 2 Post Credit Scene
Sony’s Venom and MCU’s Spider-Man in Venom 2 Post Credit Scene

So what does that mean? Well, a new Venom is entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would appear that Sony and Disney have worked out a deal that would allow the MCU to have their own interpretation of Venom. Joining the Sony and Disney universes without ever actually bringing the two characters together. Fans would love to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man face off against his most iconic villain, but Sony’s version of the character has been more hero than villain, which made a face-off seem unlikely. However, by bringing the symbiote into the MCU without Hardy’s Eddie Brock, the opportunities are limitless.

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Written by Joshua Ryan

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