Spider-Man PS4 Length, Size, & Accessibility Options Revealed

With Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man being just a week away we have officially gotten confirmation about the length of the game, how much space it’ll take up on your Playstation, and the accessibility options.

Insomniac Games’ Community Director James Stevenson took to Twitter to interact with some fans and answer some questions that they had about the upcoming AAA title. He dispelled rumors that had been circulating around forums that suggested that the PlayStation 4 exclusive would be shorter than 12 hours:

“[Our] average play tester took around 20 hours on default difficulty, but some spent a lot longer if they did a ton of side quests/activities.”

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20 hours is a pretty reasonable length for a big title such as this one, which undoubtedly would be expanded due to the amount of additional sidequests/activities that the game’s world is going to offer players.

Those who are looking for answers about being able to preload Spider-Man are in luck and have gotten confirmation on how much space the game will take up on their consoles:

“[I] will try to have an answer on that soon, but 45 GB minimum, probably a bit more + patch and stuff.”

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As for the game’s accessibility options, you will have to download the planned day 1 patch. The day 1 patch will come with accessibility options such as color blind mode, increased HUD size, and so much more that has yet to be revealed.

Spider-Man swings on to the PlayStation 4 on September 7th, 2018.

Pre-order your copy of Spider-Man here.

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