Spider-Man Theory: Madame Web is a Prequel to Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man

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Madame Web is the upcoming film of Sony’s Spider-Verse. To all the Spider-Man fans, they know how the story of Madame Web and our favorite Webslinger connects. Madame Web, who is a clairvoyant and a precognitive mutant, helped Spider-Man and is the grandmother of the fourth Spider-Woman, Charlotte Witter.

Dakota Johnson's Madame Web is connected to The Amazing Spider-Man universe
Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web is connected to The Amazing Spider-Man universe

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The upcoming movie is set to have a “unique plot” as shared by Emma Roberts. It is going to be the origin story of Cassandra Webb and fans are wondering how the story would connect to the Spider-Man plot of Sony and which one.

Madame Web could be a prequel to The Amazing Spider-Man

The story of Madame Web seems to be set a few years before the Spider-Man of the universe was born. With Dakota Johnson in the lead role, it is sure that the character is going to be younger than the one who worked alongside Spider-Man. Also, Adam Scott is said to be playing Uncle Ben, much younger than Martin Sheen – the last Uncle Bwn we saw onscreen. It is also rumored that Emma Roberts will be playing a pregnant Mary Parker, as set photos of her playing a pregnant lady surfaced.

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It could set up the storyline for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie
It could set up the storyline for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie

A theory on YouTube has surfaced showing how it would connect to the story of The Amazing Spider-Man timeline. The theory points out how the last time we saw Mary Parker was in The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Also, this could be a way of bringing back Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man as the actor has already stated that he’s willing to come back and even the fans want him back after seeing how “Amazing” he is as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

What could the plot be to connect the storylines?

According to the theory video, the movie could be about an unknown villain from the future, who is there to kill the pregnant Mary Parker, to prevent the birth of Peter Parker and him eventually becoming Spider-Man. Madame Web is going to work to save Mary and gather a team to protect Peter. But this means it could be that Spider-Man is a chosen one that is different from the entire idea Spider-Man is based on “could be anyone behind the mask.”

Sony could be bringing back Andrew Garfield
Sony could be bringing back Andrew Garfield

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But the story did already happen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 showing how only Peter could actually ever be Spider-Man (which did not impress many) but it connects the two worlds well together. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man was always been shown as the chosen one and Madame Web protecting Mary so that Peter is born to be the hero one day is how Andrew Garfield is going to make his much-awaited comeback.

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