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Spider-Man’s Power Seems to Be Slowly Killing Him In Marvel’s Spider-Man Beyond

Spider Mans Power Seems to Be Slowly Killing Him

Warning: Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #75: Spider-Man’s Powers Might be Killing him!

Spider-Man Beyond brings a new era for Spider-Man. And this might leave Peter Parker behind as the Spider-Man’s power source seems to be killing him. Ben Reily is the new Webslinger and has returned to New York. He is backed by the Beyond Corporation to become the new Spider-Man. So, Peter Parker has no choice but to share the mantle with Ben Reily. However, their first-ever collaboration to fight crime has deadly and disastrous consequences for Peter Parker. He is incredibly sick and may or may not recover.

Spider-Man's Power Might Be Killing Him

Amazing Spider-Man #75 Events

In Zeb Wells and Patrick Gleason’s Amazing Spider-Man #75, we see Peter Parker coping with the recent events. The Sinister War and the final fight with the Kindred cause the death of Harry Osborne. And these events have shaken Peter Parker to the core. While he is trying to clear his mind he gets to know that there is a new Webslinger in town, Ben Reily wearing the new Spider-Man suit.

They eventually start talking and Ben reveals to Peter that  Beyond Corporation has approached him to become Spider-Man officially. The company wants to get into the superhero game after Doc Ock trademarked the Spider-Man while he was in Peter’s body.

Spider-Man's Power Killing Him
Amazing Spider-Man #75 Scene










This forces Peter to team up with Ben and fight the U-Foes. However, when they are fighting U-Foes, they are blasted with radio-volatile gas. While Ben’s new suit protects him, the normal suit of Peter leaves him injured due to the radiation. It feels like the combination of this radiation and radioactive spider bite compound is too much for Spider-Man’s body to handle.

What Happens Next?

In such a situation, Peter Parker will be out from the scene as he tries to recover. Maybe he might even die due to this! Although this is a very dark transition to get the new Spider-Man, we hope Ben’s Spider-Man is just a replacement.

Spider-Man's Power Might Be Killing Him
Spider-Man and Death Skulls










However, Beyond Corporation will waste no moment to establish Ben as the new Spider-Man. But it is definitely heartbreaking to see that Peter Parker’s powers are making him ill. In the initial story of the Amazing Spider-Man #75 issue, Mary Jane says that Parker must take a break to cope with all the events that happened around him.

We don’t know how it will turn out but we hope the original Spider-Man recovers soon as the new Spider-Man takes overs in Spider-Man Beyond.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Aditi Thosar