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Spider-Man TV Universe: Amazon Planning Multiple Spider-Man Shows

With Amazon and Netflix arming themselves up to their teeth on anything they can get their hands on for a TV or Movie adaptation under the Originals banner, this was pretty much bound to happen. No matter how many comic book rights they gain access to, the Marvel and DC Superheroes will always remain the greatest assets for any studio working within the Superhero genre. Amazon has beaten Netflix in that aspect after they gained the rights to Marvel’s Friendly Neighborhood Superhero – Spider-Man. They might have revealed plans of launching a Spider-Man TV Universe with Multiple Live-Action Shows in the pipeline.

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After parting ways with Marvel Studios, Sony started creating their own superhero universe as a spin-off to the Spider-Man Universe, their original creation. The Marvel Cinematic Universe took back Spider-Man and Sony Pictures had to look for alternatives for a superhero genre. They settled for Venom, the anti-hero and Spider-Man villain. After the movie’s incredible success, Sony green lit further projects based on the Venom-Verse – Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Another MCU Spider-Man movie is also about to hit the theaters pretty soon. Sony serves as a partner for the Marvel project. In the animated department, Sony has already started work on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2. It was only last year when CEO of Sony Pictures Tony Vinciquerra Announced they are working on half a dozen shows set within the Spider-Man Universe.

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And Amazon might be the streaming partner for the shows, if rumors are to be believed. One of the very first shows coming out of Sony’s Spider-Man TV Universe is the Silk Television series in the works Chris Miller and Phil Lord are set to be executive producers for the live-action series. Lauren Moon and Amy Pascal have been almost roped in as writers. Not much is known about the show apart from that. The plot and character features are not known as of now. There is also no news regarding where the show will be streamed.

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Rumors that are rife within the entertainment and showbiz circles claim that Amazon intends to do whatever it takes to bring the Spider-Man TV Universe to their Prime Platform. They are already reportedly in talks to gain the rights to the Silk show but there is reason to believe they might be aiming for the stars, not the moon. Reports suggest Amazon wants the rights to not just one but all the 5-6 Spider-Man related shows Sony has put into the pipeline other than the Silk series. We don’t know what other shows might be coming from Sony centering on Spider-Man and associated characters but one thing is for certain – Amazon caught wind of Vinciquerra’s announcement last year.

And they are going straight for the jugular.

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While we were off the impression that any small screen shows related to Marvel Comics will have Disney+’s exclusive bragging rights, Amazon might have swept the rug from right under their feat. Any show Sony made would have gone directly to Disney+, the Black Cat and Silver Sable project included. A bidding war has begun and it involves the two gargantuan platforms in the opposing ends.

It is not the first time that Marvel shows have been streamed in a Non-Marvel affiliated streaming platform before. Take the Marvel Netflix shows for example – Defenders, Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, were exclusive to Netflix and set within the MCU. Since the MCU is planning its own TV Universe with its own TV Universe with its independent projects, this might lead to Sony making a decision to migrate to another platform for lesser competition.

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Bottom line: There is a high chance we will have not one but two Marvel TV Universes in the future.

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There are a number of characters Sony could focus on for a TV Series. Silk is but one of the many. Sony still has time to zero in on the Spider-Man characters it could make a series out of. Considering the Silk Series will be in its nascent stages, the remaining shows that are being planned will take a lot of time to be finalized. If you are eager enough to wait, you just might be watching the shows in Amazon Prime and not Disney+.

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