Spirits of Vengeance: 6 Alternate Ghost Riders, Ranked


Johnny Blaze is not the only Ghost Rider in town. Marvel Comics is home to some truly unique, bizarre and incredible alternate Ghost Rider versions.

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Ghost Rider 2099

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Kenshiro Cochrane was the product of the 90’s strange love story with Cyberpunk. Cochrane is an expert hacker with a chip on his shoulder. On a mission to steal a critical piece of information, Cochrane was killed by a rival gang. His spirit was digitized and sent back to the land of the living. Now forced to work for a group of higher digital power, Cochrane became the Ghost Rider 2099. The idea of a cyborg Ghost Rider sure is very intriguing. But back in those days, Cochrane had very little appeal and the character later went obscure.

Red Hulk Ghost Rider

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In the 2012’s Circle of Four story arc, Blackheart is hell-bent on turning Earth into a fiery pit. The Red Hulk, X-23, Ghost Rider, and Venom come forward to stop him. Blackheart proves to be more than a match for the four heroes. He easily thrashes them around. Asa last resort, the Red Hulk absorbs the power of the Ghost Rider and becomes the host to the Venom Symbiote. The outcome -a strange but powerful Red Hulk-Ghost Rider-Venom hybrid that absolutely decimates Blackheart.


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Deputy Kowalski was an honorable cop who was investigating Highway 18, a route notorious for its mane accidents. While investigating the highway, he came across a cannibal that rana funeral home along Highway 18. The Cannibal severed his arm. The Ghost Rider soon came to kill the cannibal for his crimes. Kowalski tried to stop him. He lost the fight and started hating the Ghost Rider. The servant of a disgraced angel gave him an Anti-Ghost Rider shotgun. In another fight, Kowalski fired the gun and a portion of Ghost Rider’s power was imbued in his chest, turning him into one of Ghost Rider’s greatest enemies – Vengeance.

Ghost Spider

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In an alternate universe, Peter Parker became the world’s greatest superhero. The Amazing Spider and Uncle Ben of that reality started travelling to other universes, stealing the power of that world’s Spider-Man and adding it to the Amazing Spider’s abilities. Peter Parker of the mainstream reality encounters the Amazing Spider and Uncle Ben. He is kidnapped and taken to their lair, where Parker’s powers will be drained into the Amazing Spider. The Amazing Spider realizes the error of his ways and dies protecting Peter Parker. Doctor Strange of that reality later resurrects the Amazing Spider and combines his soul with the Spirit of Vengeance.


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Caleb is the Ghost Rider of the 19th Century. Once a slave, he helped nurse back a Confederate soldier named Travis Parham to health. After Travis left, a racist criminal group attacked and killed his family. Caleb died, made a deal with Mephisto, and returned back as the Ghost Rider. What makes Caleb especially fearsome is that he is a man of few words. Caleb had a terrifying presence and was a freaking force of nature once he set out to kill someone. We are yet to see a version of this character on TV or in the theatres. We are not even sure Caleb would make it to there.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

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In the far future of a parallel world, Thanos manages to destroy Earth and its superheroes. He later takes over the entire universe. Frank Castle, one of the heroes who perished in the battle, finds himself making a deal with Mephisto in Hell. He returns back to the world as the new Ghost Rider. A while later, Castle is also imbued with the Power Cosmic. Realizing there is no Earth left to protect, he becomes a servant of Thanos. The Cosmic Ghost Rider is a very popular and well-known version of the Ghost Rider.  He later travelled back in time, kidnapped Baby Thanos and ended up becoming his babysitter for life.


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