Splatoon-like Foamstars Announces Open Beta

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For anyone who has been looking to play Splatoon and doesn’t own a Nintendo Switch, the good news is Square Enix has got you covered as they have announced during State Of Play that they are currently placing Foamstars, one of their upcoming games, in the open beta stage so that players on PlayStation can try it out and provide feedback on their experiences.


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What Is Foamstars And Why Is It Like Splatoon?

Splatoon-Like Foamstars Announces Open Beta At State Of Play Out This Month
Foamstars open beta gets announced during State Of Play.

During PlayStations State Of Play, gamers were shown a trailer for the upcoming Foamstars and its open beta, and the leading comment that was mentioned is how it looks nearly identical to Splatoon except for the fact it has more realistic graphics and uses foam rather than paint, but many fans couldn’t help but notice the subtle similarities that made the games so similar.


Gamers were shown a few different game aspects during this open beta trailer as there were clips of the combat, which utilises foam primarily to battle opponents and to cover up as much of the map as possible, whilst also being shown a select few characters that will be coming to the game and their unique play styles along with some clips of them in use.

Even though many gamers have noticed these similarities, it doesn’t change the fact that this does look like a rather fun game to play and will have a lot of gamers playing the open beta to see whether or not it holds a candle to Splatoon as it does add some new levels to the gameplay literally and metaphorically as the levels themselves have a more 3D aspect to them as the foam can even be climbed to reach new zones of the maps.

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When Is The Open Beta, And What Can Be Accessed During it?

Splatoon-Like Foamstars Announces Open Beta At State Of Play Out This Month
Eight characters will be playable during open beta with two game modes.

From what we have seen, there will be a lot of content for players to try out during the Open Beta as there will be eight characters that can be tested throughout the open beta, and it will feature two separate game modes called Smash The Star and Happy Bath Survival and all of this will be available to PlayStation users for free during the open beta.

So far, this open beta will take place from either September 29th to October 1st or September 30th to October 2nd, depending on where you live. Still, it will be a whole weekend open beta, which will be free for all PlayStation users, so it will be well worth trying to jump in if you can, as it will be a unique experience for those who haven’t played Splatoon.

As well as being able to play this open beta, players will also be granted a free character skin for taking part in this open beta, which will be usable once the full game releases in early 2024 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


What do you think about this upcoming release from Square Enix? Are you going to be joining in with the Foamstars open beta later this month? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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