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15 Reasons Why Krusty Krab Should Be Shut Down

If there was any justice under the sea, Mr. Krabs would have been definitely behind the bars for what he has been doing in his restaurant. He surely sells the most delicious food in the entire Bikini Bottom but his restaurant’s work environment is just not suitable for his employees.
The older I get, the more I understand why Squidward hated working there. There are so many unethical things going on in Krusty Krabs, honestly, Gordan Ramsay would shut it in a heartbeat!

No, it’s not Plankton who’s the real villain, it’s Mr. Krabs. Here are 15 reasons why Krusty Krab should be shut down!

1. When Mr. Krabs really made SpongeBob and Squidward do straight 24 hours shifts:

2. When summer vacations would come around and to attract kids, Mr. Krabs would open his Krabby Land which followed absolutely zero zoning laws or safety regulations:

3. When Mr. Krabs would charge his employees for talking, breathing, or just simply existing:

4. Mr. Krabs’ attempt to murder. When he thought he killed the health inspector by serving him spoilt food, so he casually tried to bury him alive with SpongeBob’s help.

5. When Mr. Krabs asked SpongeBob to serve a month old Krabby Patty that he located under the grill:

6. When the restaurant went completely bankrupt and Mr. Krabs wasn’t ready to accept it.

7. When Mr. Krabs made all his employees work uninterrupted for over 10 days straight:

8. When Mr. Krabs cut SpongeBob’s salary completely just to save himself a nickel:

9. When the Krusty Krabs sold ‘Pretty Patties’, that caused their customers to turn into the colors of the patties:

10. When Mr. Krabs sold Spongy Patties that made everyone in Bikini Bottom look like sponge and fall sick. That shit was literally poison:

11. When Mr. Krabs ran a tabloid about the citizens of Bikini Bottom where he made fun of people:

12. When Mr. Krabs started an astonishingly immoral jellyfish factory farm for the restaurant’s new Krabby Patty. It was called Jelly Patty as it had jellyfish jelly in it:

13. That one time when Mr. Krabs and Plankton had a dispute for which Plankton sued him:

14. The way he exploited Spongebob’s sidekick Patrick and humiliated him every now and then:

15. His Krabby Patties are way more unhealthy than you think, they’re too full of fat and pose risk to your health! In fact, it’s like an addictive drug more than a greasy burger:


The post is not sponsored by Plankton and is entirely satirical. We know Bikini Bottom would be nothing without the Krusty Krabs

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Source: BuzzFeed

Written by Muneer

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