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Spreading the Milly Alcock as Gwen Stacy agenda’: Marvel Fans Rally Behind House of the Dragon Star To Play Gwen Stacy Opposite Tom Holland in Spider-Man 4

milly alcock gwen stacy

House of the Dragon turned into one of the biggest shows right after its launch. It showed how much people were actually craving to see more of the Game of Thrones lore in live-action. And just like the previous show, House of the Dragon has also brought some serious talent forward. One of the great young generation actors introduced is Milly Alcock, who played the younger version of Rhaenyra in the series. And now, people are rallying for her to be Spider-Gwen in MCU’s upcoming Spider-Man 4 alongside Tom Holland.

From Game of Thrones to Marvel

richard madden pulls his eternals co star kit haringtons
Richard Madden and Kit Harrington in Eternals

It has been a very long trend for Game of Thrones actors to take up a Marvel role. First, it was Peter Dinklage who played Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Then, Sophie Turned played Jean Grey, Maisie Williams became Wolfsbane in The New Mutants, Richard Madden played Ikaris in Eternals and Kit Harrington joined him as Dane Whitman. Besides them, Emilia Clarke will be joining Secret Invasion, and there are many others who joined Marvel’s other TV shows in the past. So, this trend could continue with House of the Dragon’s Milly Alcock as well.

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Milly Alcock as Spider-Gwen

Milly Alcock Spider Gwen

Full name Amelia May Alcock, this 22-year-old Aussie actress has proven her mettle even before House of the Dragon. She appeared in a series called Janet King, and also had smaller roles in shows like A Place to Call Home, Reckoning, Fighting Season, Les Norton, The Gloaming, Pine Gap, and many others. So, it could be her time to join the MCU or any of the other Sony Spider-Verse movies as Gwen Stacy. There are many fans across social media who are spreading and supporting the Milly Alcock as Gwen Stacy agenda already.

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Here’s how fans have reacted to Alcock being in Spider-Man 4:

Another fan agrees…

Her age and looks are just perfect.

Got some new concept arts too:

No other choice!

Well, you just can’t deny the resemblance or the acting talent she possesses. But what does the future hold for Peter Parker himself? Tom Holland just signed a new contract with Sony and Marvel. The specifics of his future aren’t known yet but we could expect another trilogy featuring his college days.

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Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen

It’s safe to say that one of his next 3 movies will pay off that Venom setup from No Way Home, and another one should bring Miles Morales into the mix. So that same project with Miles (whether it is Spider-Man 4 or Spider-Man 5) should also bring Gwen Stacy into the mix. And we already know who should get that gig.

Spider-Man 4 should happen sometime in 2025.

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