Square Enix Just Announced the Cancellation of the Next ‘Just Cause’ Game

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Over the past few years many Just Cause fans have been waiting for a release of a new game for the Just Cause franchise, but unfortunately they will have to wait a little while longer as new information has been announced that the Just Cause mobile game has been cancelled.


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Why has Just Cause Mobile been cancelled?

Square Enix Just Announced The Cancellation Of The Next Just Cause Game

At this current time, we have no exact reason as to why the Just Cause Mobile game has been cancelled, but what we do know is that since its announcement back in 2020, Just Cause Mobile has been through what’s best described as development hell. The reasoning behind this is because of COVID-19, which caused many delays to the game over the years as it was expected to release in 2021, but thanks to those delays, it got delayed to 2022.


Throughout 2022 there was a lot of promise for the Just Cause Mobile game as it began to make some progress in development and even entered early regional access throughout certain areas in Southeast Asia back in April of 2022. Unfortunately, after this early regional access Square Enix would announce in December 2022 that they would be delaying the game again but without a release date, leaving a lot of fans to wonder when it would be released.

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What will this mean for the players who joined in with the early access?

Square Enix Just Announced The Cancellation Of The Next Just Cause Game

For the select few gamers who were able to join in with the regional early access, unfortunately, that is the only access they will ever get to Just Cause Mobile; the main thing most gamers would be worried about is the “Blue Diamonds” that could be bought in-game with real money as many gamers would have paid for this in-game purchase expecting to still have them on release. Luckily Square Enix acknowledges this and has respectfully refunded these purchases for those who took part by refunding the money back into the Google Play accounts.


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So far this year, mobile gaming has taken a massive hit with cancellations and failed releases and has caused many concerns for developers; this is because, over COVID-19, mobile gaming began to take in a lot of revenue leading many developers to start creating their mobile games, but as everything rises, it eventually falls leaving many mobile gamers with one less option to play.

What do you think about this cancellation? Will mobile gaming be taking a larger hit this year and have even more games get the axe, or will they continue to gain revenue? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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