Square Enix’s Final Fantasy IX Remake – First Details Revealed and Big Changes Lie Ahead!

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Jeff Grubb, a reliable source in gaming journalism, has confirmed a Final Fantasy IX remake is in development. One Reddit user by the name, -Megaflare-, has tracked Grubb’s comments on the subject and posted the information on the subreddit r/GamingLeaksandRumours. The post begins by citing the following tweet from Grubbs: 


The post then further cites an interview with Grubb, which is attached at the bottom of this article, where he makes other related Final Fantasy IX statements. The user points out that although Grubb knows about the Final Fantasy IX remake, he does not know what it will look like or what will be involved in the story. The rest of the post reads as follows: 

“Grubb: ” I will say I heard very recently, once again, final fantasy IX Remake is real, like that is real and happening , so, you know-“

Other dude(not sure what his name is): Do you think if they do that they adopt the VII combat, the sort of mixed real time-“

Grubb: “I wonder”

Grubb: “I think that’s probably the right move, I mean cause like the remake series can sort of be the evolution of that kind of combat and then the mainline can have its DMC stuff going forward or whatever, I think that’d be cool. I also think there’s a chance that FFIX REMAKE isn’t quite as, I mean almost certainly isn’t as ambitious as the FFVII REMAKE stuff. I think it’s somewhere between crisis core and VII REMAKE stuff, I think that would kind of require them to mostly keep the combat that IX already has in place, but I don’t know”

The Reddit user then concludes the post by saying: 


“So basically unless Grubbs released something new after this interview that goes against what he said here that I haven’t seen personally, it seems like Grubb doesn’t really know a lot on what FFIX looks like specifically and that a lot of outlets are just spreading misinformation using his name. It sounds to me like he just knows that it is real and most of everything else is speculation”

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What Does a Final Fantasy IX Remake Mean For the Famous Franchise? 

Final Fantasy IX is getting a remake according to Jeff Grubb.
Final Fantasy IX is getting a remake according to Jeff Grubb.

Final Fantasy IX, was released by Square in 2000, as an RPG for the original PlayStation. It has been cited as one of the best games in the Final Fantasy series and is considered an all-time classic PS title. In September 2017, there was even a port of the game released on PlayStation 4 and two years later, it was also made available for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10. Given  the popularity of Final Fantasy IX over the years, a remake would mean a whole new experience for lovers of the original. 

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Another great reason a title like Final Fantasy IX could use a remake is for newcomers to the Final Fantasy world. Whether you’re an older gamer just getting into the classics, or a young player who never experienced the original, remakes are a great way to bridge the gap between generations. A remake of Final Fantasy IX will bring better graphics, more advanced gameplay, and serve as a legacy for this massive game series. And if this remake does see success then there are other games in the franchise fans would love to see remade. 

Are you excited for the potential of a Final Fantasy IX remake? Leave a comment and let us know what games you would remake if given the chance.  

Source: Reddit and Giant Bomb YouTube


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